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Great reporting as usual Pa.We didn't get the tough game that Thinkstoomuch from Boards was expecting!Kerry next and you can never beat them often enough in anything.It's great to hear that Fintan Gould, the two Thomas Clancys,the two lad's in midfield and Noel Galvin in particular played well.Ideally you would like to see 4 or 5 players push on from these games and get themselves in contention for some game time in the league.
Here is Thinkstoomuch's take on todays events.

Another game in Mallow ,a splendid ptich again.Mallow GAA had asked for the game to be delayed a half hour until the heavy rain abated,but as far as I am aware,Cork refused.
And rightfully so,the ptich was fine,no water retention,bar by the sideline,so just play the game.
Mallow are going a bit over the top,if they want to wrap the ptich in cotton wool .I remember going to Na piarsaigh v Newtown in the league and the match was called of last minute.The ptich was perfectly playable that saturday.
The good news was there was match programmes today .

I watched Ul warm up in the top ptich at the other side of the main one across the road,and even though it was a make shift team ,the intensity of the drills under Kearns and he doesnt do laid back was great to watch,its easy to see why he is a top coach.

I then had a look at our set up.I wasnt greatly impressed to be honest,our set up was asking the players to do certain things ,i got the sense than,actually demanding it.Very nicey,nicey ,clap of the stuff.I feared that,as none of the selectors have a real presnce in management.You do not ask at intercounty,you demand and expect.

This game was not as tough as I thought,but as I posted at the start of the game,Ul had a few missing with Dessie moyne,ian burke,Mcnamee,o Connor,neville ,o meare etc out.As I said in the preview ,it was on the basis of Ul fielding a strong side,anything less and it would be a less of a challenge.
At least with Kerry when they name the team,we know that will be the team midweek,and it will be the same team starting at sunday at 2pm.

In the game itself,Sexton and o Sullivan did seem to be vocal which was good to see.
Early yet,but I wasnt inspired by Don davis.Too laid back.Driving home,i heard him being interviewed,and I was not impressed.It was all talk of lets put the shoulder to the wheel,hope for the best and we will see what we can do.That talk is ,uninspiring ,and in common with what normally managers that are unsuccessful say ,hope for the best.Time will tell.

Ken was very good in goal,contary to the myth he has no distance in kickouts ,he showed today he has.I had said he was there to command the backline and he done that,constantly telling them to keep shape.
Mclouhlin good going forward and did not fare badly against o rourke ,but he was suspect at times,and people must remember o rourke is not at home in the corner,he lacks the wizardy of a corner forward.Much more home at half forward.

Clancy done okay ,wasnt tested by o shea,but was immense going forward ,had a goal chance well saved by the keeper,drove forward made one goal,and comfortable on the ball.A real possibilty with others at half back.Wont stay at full,too much football for there.
Noel galvin had the job of marking ,o donoughue,and while he did take time to settle,jesus he did brillant.He was tight,fast ,tenacious and tough.Compare hes display to mcloughin ,and who they marked,it like comparing apples and organes.
Galvin is a leading contender for no4.Superb.

Loughrey very good,held whyte well.
Gould was brillant,balanced attack and defense very well,and got a super point late on,to show the confidence he has playing anywhere bar a forward.

Kevin o driscoll,done good ,but probably a few ahead of him for half back.
Laoire was superb,great work rate,kickpassing,super link play,moves the ball at pace,real football intelligence,and got two great points and a goal,but donnachas ball would have went in anyway.
Butcher,i am a critic of him,but today superb,work rate,won ball,drove forward at times.Deserves a chance against kerry but I do feel,walsh and leary or deane are the more complete package.
Colm o driscoll ,got a nice goal,but did not stand out ,and better options ahead of him,attacking wise.
Sugrue,a great grafter,lovely skill,feet like a ballerina ,is a player for the future.Had a great battle with t6 clancy who was by far and away ul best player at 6,orchestrating attack and defence well,full of poise and delivered some great long range passes.Massive talent.
Kerrigan good and bad.Again super pace,but Must play for a full game.
Goulding two great goalrworked hard,always showed for the ball.
Doc was superb,two games in a row.A real leader,constanly roaring at lads to watch and mark up at kickouts.Any time a cork half back had ,he started he-s run always showing and demanding the ball.
Cork are now playing faster ball in,he is thriving.He reminds of me ,of a big fish in a small tank,in that he was in danger of suffocation,under Counihan,in that slow laboured lateral football,meant he had no space as a forward ,with loads of defenders on him.

Now Cork show a real intent to move the ball at pace ,and he is now big fish in a large ocean in has more space,gliding around and making big waves.He really has the appetite and hunger,not past it by any means,and tormented kerry u21and highely rated ,martin tierney ,that he had to be subbed.

John hayes.Well,certainly not the best til last.Even he's fan club must admit he was woeful today.
He did not even score I think,dropped ball,gave woeful kick passes and as I am sick to the teeth of saying,he goes missing in big games and wont show for or work and make runs of the ball,and today was just ul.Today he played himself of the cork panel ,but cuthbhert will stick pick him.
Hayes playing in hes natural position,a man of he's age and expierence had no excuses today.

Last week the paper,the same paper that said cussen was the answer for cork ,said hayes was super against LIT.I mean it was pure pure ,in awe of hayes ,and how he got 1-4 against piss poor defending ,and how he was in similar standard to james o donughe,and hayes would have an indian summer.

Ffs,in all honesty ,LIT,were awful and the goal was a penalty.O donughe is an all star,hayes being compared to him is an insult to the kerry man.At a young age he has an all star,hayes never has or will come within an asses roar of one at 27.
Yes he is a fine club player,in club games,sun on the back ,in he's home comforts but he lacks the edge and mentality for the big stage.He is a gentleman,and a nice lad by all accounts.
My judgement is him purely as an intercounty forward.And he is not up to it.The west cork media,will blow him up.At the end of the day,it is not where you come from,just are you good enough for intercounty.He is not.Mark collins done very well as a sub,John O rourke,paddy kelly if fit,goulding,Donnacha,Hurley,Kerrigan,Vaughan(very good for CIT I hear)sugrue,mac eoin ,etc are all much better options.

Kevin crowley oozed class,when he came on,got a great point and sprayed the ball well .Hes cameo,you just know he is destined for greatness.Barry O driscoll got a good goal,cant read much in to it as the oppoisiton was poor,bv at the same time he showed for the ball ,and done more in he's cameo than Hayes who had way longer in the game.

The positve today was cuthbhert has credit due,matched hes talk ,and cork have showed a real desire,intent to move the ball at every opportunity at pace and direct.Cork hand pass not just to create an overlap.we in two games have kicked more fast ball than we did in the last two years and while there is lots of work to do ,and execution and accusracy must be improved in time,credit Cuthbhert ,the intent and desire to play fast open ball is there,and that is a welcome start.

The worry ,and time will tell and by the team picked to play a stronger kerry team in Mallow at 2 next sunday ,will reveal ,is have the management learned from the 1st two games,clearly some playes are not at this level.
He has seen them in two games,it gives you an idea.
The ul team were poor and no test really,better than LIT though.
The games from here on,Kerry ,then the league will reveal a lot about the management in have we a plan A and B, and are the right players being picked.
The honeymoon period with LIT,and Ul ,is over,from now on every game gets harder.
Credit cuthbhert for playing fast open football,and giving leary,crowley,sugrue,galvin game time but still questions marks remain over others.
Roll on next Sunday,a dry day please god,so both teams can play fast,open attack minded football.and we can learn more about our defence,and how our attack is against a good team.
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