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thinkstoomuch1: Jim Galvin no way would allow ,dual players,not one yet we could have 3 or more.

You would like to know alright why when the votes were deadlocked 3-3 in the selection commitee ,what made the Chairman with the Casting vote decide ,Cuthbhert with just a minor all ireland final ,and nothing to standout at club got the nod over a manager in ten years with u21 was part of 8 Munster titles,four all ireland finals ,winning two and a super record with Castlehaven.

Yes we hear,the presenation ,Cuthbhert gave was meant to be splendid.Fair enough ,and not taking from that,but Cuthbhert with respect as a teacher would want to be fairly strong in that skillset,so I wouldnt judge him on just that.

As Roy keane said you don't praise the postman for delivering the post,as that is expected of him.
From Rebel Gaa.

CORKFAN: Cuthbert has stated that himself and JBM have already decided which leauge games in both codes that Cadogan and Walsh are going to play ...they are going to take it step by step ...and see if its going to work..i love our record of dual players and very proud of it ...but is it possible in todays world ? Jim Gavin doesnt think so.

bookend: But JIm Gavin's opinion is only just that...his opinion.

I agree with you Corkfan, I too am very proud of our dual player achievements and really believe it comes down to a player's age and fitness, and the accommodation of both managers.

If a player really wants to do it, and believes he is good enough, fit enough, and has the time to dedicate to both, then why not? Of course it goes against modern sports science theories but unlikely as it is if another player was to do a Teddy Mac then those theories would be turned on their heads...and the whole country would be at it

Is Cadogan definitely back on the hurling panel?? Would think he would have a bigger challenge to nail down a place in hurling than football.
Teams irrelevant at this time year, its just brainstorming. Would be a bit more interested in how we're setting up, and even that will be a million miles from what it should be in July. Good to see certain names involved, Galvin in particular..

Anyone have an issue with JBM pressurizing young players with serious injuries to go dual? His first winter it was O'Neill and Sheehan both after major cruciates, now he's going after Cahelane who's had two hips cracked open over Christmas.

I have an issue.

The "hurling is more important" brigade grate my balls.


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With ya in that boat. Would have been uproar if in the early 2000's if Gardiner, Curran, Kenny, Sean Og, diarmuid Sullivan were courted by the footballers for dual roles
They were and some of them even tried it.
If some of the current squad want to do the same that's their choice
With ya in that boat. Would have been uproar if in the early 2000's if Gardiner, Curran, Kenny, Sean Og, diarmuid Sullivan were courted by the footballers for dual roles

Sully actually togged out for the hurlers and footballers on that infamous day in 2002 of the Galway thrashing. Came on as a sub for the footballers in Munster final v Tipp (drawn game) and then played for the hurlers afterwards.


I'd be happy enough with the team picked for Sunday.

There was no point in bringing in the likes of Hayes unless they were to given a decent opportunity.

I doubt that John McLoughlin will make the grade but we are light on corner backs so it makes sense to give him a chance to impress.

We also need to see if Donncha can still perform - he was a realtively developer so there's not huge milage there - IMO he still has something to offer.

I'm also pleased to see Goold at MF - this has to be last chance saloon for him.

It's really heading into the unknown - we don't know if Cuthbert can back up his poer point presentation - he's talked the talk and now must walk the walk.

I presume he'll get the players confidence if he shows he knows what he's about.
As usual, most decide to read too much into a starting line-up named by Cork. Technically, this is a competitive game but LIT will be a walk in the park and a bit of a run-out for most lads to help dust off the winter cobwebs.

Doesn't really matter who is named. It's no good for a newbie to come along here and have a stormer because LIT are zero competition to be judging anyone on. I think Cuthbert and his selectors have basically just picked who is available to them and are minding the Under 21's as best possible. I'd nearly back myself to get a score or two against LIT.

I doubt we could even read into what sort of game we play tomorrow. I know for a fact that the team have been training with a bit now but most of that training would have been running work and physical work to get some fitness in order. There's very little tactical work done by this time of year. We'll bate LIT off the park tomorrow and know nothing more after it.

Relax a small bit lads. It's only a few games into the league, will we know anything about the new panel and it's tactical approach for the new year.
Cadogan and Walsh are not dedicated to football hence trying both codes

The dual issue is the only reason Cuthbert got the job

Cuthbert would allow dual players, Cleary would not

Unfortunately you are bang on the money krusty, it was also an issue the much maligned conor counihan stood firm on with walsh and Sheehan. I would take jim gavins attitude far more seriously then the current cork manager who seems to think it is possible to do both. WHile I understand the reason for starting walsh and cadogan on the 5th of jan in an irrelevant match, are we seriously expecting both these fellas to give 100% each weekend from now until at least the august bank holiday weekend?
Does Cuthbert honestly think this can work? of course not, this should have been nailed on the head before Christmas but instead we have this fuck arsing around while Dublin and others ignore this fantasy tale of palyers combining 2 different sports played on alternate weekends for 8 months

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