Cork Developments

Bus Eireann are awaiting on a planning decision to set up a second bus depot in Tivoli, mentioned that it is temporary for approx 5 years .
Re the Marina Market latest planning application some of the submissions are from Coolemore Properties and some are from Urban Green.
Hard to fathom what is going on but this needs to be sorted as the confusion could trip up the application .
Juat picking up on this now... Do urban green own this. If so I wont be darkening the door of that scumbags property?
JCD developers are the backers of Tommy no bobs,he’s the face of the development but hasn’t a pot to p in,they don’t want to be seen as bad guys
that uber-cunt Tommy No-Bobs (ex-cork city f.c.) is allegedly involved with 'em
that uber cu next tuesday is urban green. Caught me for a large sume a few years back. I was out with some frends a few months back and he came up in conversation. 3 of the 7 in the group were owed money by him the lowest amount being 5k. There should be a law against people like him actually being within an arses roar of business dealings.
Gilbert O'Sullivan
Cork Opera House, Emmet Place, Cork

10th Sep 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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Fireside Folk

The Welcome Inn, Tomorrow @ 9:30pm

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