Cork city has gone to the dogs.

I drove past Flannery''s after 6pm and it looked like it was closed with a big clean up operation underway, there was a big pile of bin bags in the courtyard area, I'm not sure whether this was the plan or could they have been ordered to close because of the crowds gathered during the day.
That's what people do out of morbid curiosity. I've seen it loads of times. My problem is the fuckers who have their phones out recording stuff for "likes".

I didn't see that but I was doing my best to pass by without looking myself. Gardai were directing traffic when I was crossing the road to Dunnes and when I came out of Dunnes the ambulance had arrived.

I THINK someone was talking to the person on the ground, hopefully that was the case as it looked extremely ominous at first looks.

Absolutely scary to think what can happen to someone just doing their shopping in town on a Friday afternoon.
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29th Dec 2023 @ 9:00 pm
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