Connolly Barracks Cork



CYM members gather in the living room of the Connolly Barracks at dusk. Electricity has not been restored at the reclaimed property, but residents still enjoy running water


Volunteers work to restore the exterior of the property. Residents have made considerable effort to clean and repair the interior and exterior of the Barracks


The common area facilitates and inspires discussion and healthy discourse. It is enriched with art, posters and keepsakes.


How is occupying an empty home helping the housing crisis?
We do not see the occupation of derelict buildings as the solution to the housing crisis, instead we see it as a means of challenging the current system through an act of civil disobedience. We want to normalize the idea that houses should never be left empty while people are forced to sleep on the streets and that it is morally right for the public to occupy them in a time of crisis.


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A typically measured and sensible post from Liam.

I think publicising your squat is A-game retarded tbh.

That post is directed at me I trust.

As always I am not Liam

I never was.
I am not now and neither will I ever be.

So your post is rubbish.

Akin to the scum that have taken over a private house.


A house down there would set you back in the region of 300k.
It's about 400 quid a month for a double room in town.

They've been turfed out once and now they're back again. They're taking the piss at this stage.


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