Connie dodgers

Our esteemed poster (or maybe Steamed poster) banned the eating of cakes with a cup of tea/coffee during lent bet the Green Door (Cake Shop) produced an extra large biscuit to get around this and it been in cork it got the name of a connie dodger.

an liathroid beag

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Apparently only one large meal was allowed and two small ones-cup of tea and a biscuit--One bakery produced a massive biscuit, a meal in itself -thus the Connie Dodger in reference to Bishop Con of Cork :D


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Think they were allowed to be had in the morning when Lent was a main meal and 2 small ones on Ash Wednesday and other days of fast. Before my time.

"One meal and two collations" as it was known to us. Thankfully that was only Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, but for the older generation it was for the entirety of Lent apparently.


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