Cheltenham 23 tipping competition

Donald Trump

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Right lads, simple enough for a bit of Craic.

We all pick 1 horse per race, 1 pt on said horse at SP.

The winner gets to look down on the rest of us for one whole week after.

All horses in before the first race every day.

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The long road

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Trying to pick 28 or so winners is hard work . but id narrow it down to a Nap per day to make it simple Win or E/w SP the bigger the price winner each day ranks the leaderboard
I'm in.
My system - #9 in each race. I'm assuming there will be at least 9 horses in each race? If not, #6, or #3 depending on field size. A crude "stick-a-pin-in-the-card" approach.
We'll see if this can beat the real punters.
Also, I presume there is some website where the results are easily available - yes, I know there are lots but I'm not a racing fan (I was going to say trap 9 but apparently horses are not let out of traps, credibility bullet dodged there (y):D ).

Columbia Mills
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

30th Jun 2023 @ 7:30 pm
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