Carrigtohill Shopping Village

The gombeen councillors are showing their NIMBY colours:

So yes to a shed selling last years “designer” shite, but no to desperately needed housing.
Eh you might want to read the piece again. Nothing has been ‘rejected’.
Plans were submitted. The relevant people are reviewing them and have proposed some changes. This is correct planning protocols.

Hank Scorpio

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Oh I'm from Cork alright. But not from Midleton eh Dan. You're a pity. 🤣🤣


Looking at it from a neutral point of view Cork have delusions of grandeur. Ye beat a Tipp team in transition and a Waterford team clearly in distress and some of ye thought ye were world beaters. Some even asked who ye would play WHEN ye beat Galway.

Lets be honest, this Cork team are bang average and thats it.

Focking halfwit.

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