Bonfire Night

Couldn't care less whether you believe me or not. I know the lady I was speaking to. And I believe her when she told me that a relative of hers is still living in the family house in Connaught Avenue. She has absolutely no reason to lie about it. None. And your "And even if it was true....." effort speaks volumes.

Most houses within walking distance of town have the potential for scobes to be walking in the area. That's why walls help. And just because someone like you judges houses by how they look from the road, and makes such trite remarks as "Sundays well is dilapidated" shows you for the attention-seeking buffoon that you are.

And you haven't a clue where I live either.

Stay triggered though. You're extremely funny to watch as you thresh about trying to grasp at straws having made some utterly stupid remarks about suburbs of Cork. :cool:
It seems Soundys new word is triggered.
It's San Juan here in Barcelonaland so we'll have fireworks going off all over the gaff till the wee small hours.

I insist to the Catalans that the tradition was exported from Cork. They're very impressed that a hotel is on fire tonight.

The Velvetones
The Welcome Inn, Parnell Place

4th Sep 2022 @ 8:00 pm
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