Bomb threat at house of An Taoiseach

I assume this is some misguided attempt at sarcasm?
Nope, genuine opinion, no one should be sentenced on the first offence, what if they work for the defense forces? Or can't get working holiday visa for Canada/Australia? Or if they are salt of the earth? Or poor pet? Or minority?
It's a really dangerous development.
They rocked up outside his house in balaclavas the other day. Apparently the English Irish far right have a few ex security ex military types over from England doing the hard men routine.

Said it before - this is what happens when we tolerate library closing, anti vax, anti immigration EDL racist thugs to openly operate in our society.

When will it be enough? When someone is killed? When a public rep is killed?

A bomb threat has been made on the Wicklow home of Taoiseach Simon Harris this evening while his wife and children were present.

An unknown person rang the Samaritans helpline and said a bomb had been placed at the house of Mr Harris, while also giving a code word.

The threat led to Gardaí rushing to the Taoiseach's home, where a search was carried out.

Following inquiries at the property, no suspect device was found and the Taoiseach’s family did not have to be evacuated.

The incident is now being treated as a hoax, security sources have expressed serious concerns about the development, the latest targeting the home of the leader of the country.
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