Body found in house in Malla


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What I fail to understand here is this bullshit about sympathies to the guys family.
He is only there 20 years FFS, if they were a caring family that could not have occured.

When this " all our sympathies to the family involved " line is used, especially in cases like this, it certainly loses its credibility
RIP to the deceased gentleman. Originally from South Kerry. Returned to live in Mallow following his life in the UK. Seems like a very sad story.
A terrible look for the town of Mallow.
Whats strange is that council workers were inside the house on a number of occasions and never spotted the body in the bedroom.

Its not a big house
It’s strange how a house could be boarded up without someone taking a cursory glance around the house. Unless the house was boarded up prior to him returning from the UK or something.
Statement from his family read out on media just now.
Very respectful , dignified and classy.

Local mallow busybodies who seem to be making it about them.should be ashamed of its a stain on their "close knit" community

One local even said on the radio in the past days that people should not be entitled to full privacy.

The dead man Tim..was broken hearted and just wanted to be left alone
They couldn't access the house in Mallow - for 20 years?!

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