Bill Murray at the Cork Galway match

while the g.a.a. rules were probably lost in translation for bill who was the man who knew too little at the game, the result was groundhog day for cork fans who are now on the rocks, our forwards and midfield needed to rush more and show some passion play

a quick change in the cork management structure is badly needed, nothing lasts forever, i'm all for a new Kingpin to replace Kingston
Yesterday was groundhog day alright.

Saw Bill having a word with JP, and I thought he said, "what about Bob?" and JP corrected him and said, "actually it's Frank". Bill then turned around said, don't get smart. I wonder if Bill enjoyed the passion play on the field or was just he there for the fun of the game? I noticed he was having coffee and cigarettes., or was it a Hamlet cigar? Maybe Bill's a larger than life rebels fan?

A drugs conviction you say? Jaysus JP, with friends like these. ....


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If my young fellow had a drugs conviction he would not be allowed into the. States on a J1. We allow people like Bill here without questions asked. Ask him to leave forthwith?

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