Best/Worst Sopranos character?

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Just finished watching the entire Soprano's for the first time. I'm finally informed enough to share my feelings now... Thoroughly enjoyed it. A few personal gripes, though...Too many dream sequences which appeared like show filler. Also, too many therapy discussions. Dr Melfi's voice didn't help that fact either.

Anyways, who did you think was the shows best/worst character? Or am I seven years too late for anyone else to give a flying fuck?

For me:

Best- Difficult call between Johnny Sacs & Richie Aprile. I'll have to give it to Johnny because Richie was only in one full season. Really enjoyed both, though.

Worst: A-J. What a pathetic fucker. Hated everything about him from start to finish.
Best Paulie walnuts
Worst was the guy who eventually came out gay
Small fatty wearing leather in a disco when he was spotted

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