Best/Worst Sopranos character?

If it's worst character for acting then the prize has to go to the bit parts David Chase's daughter got in a few episodes. She was the friend of Meadow Soprano earlier in the series and got a cameo in the finale I think. Always looking at the camera.

Best, there are too many to name. Paulie Walnuts is the first that springs to mind. Him and his tourettes LOL

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Depends what you mean.By worst do you mean badly written or just someone you wouldn't like to be around in real life?Yeah AJ was an annoying little prick but he was supposed to be.Paulie and Christopher were very well rounded characters but Christopher was a selfish prick and Paulie a psychopath.Tonys sister was a pain but again meant to be,everyone knows someone like her.

I mean worst as in who you disliked the most when they came on screen and who had a negative impact on your enjoyment of the show. Like Janice was annoying but she was also quite funny in parts. I can't think of one single redeeming feature of A-J. Just awful. He was getting way too much screen time towards the end which also didn't help his case.

Johnny Sacks' seemed like a genuine New York gangster. Too sophisticated for his New Jersey counterparts. Total gentleman and the only one who didn't have a mistress. Always had something interesting to say aswell..

Richie Aprile was like the show's Tony Montana. Great presence and always menacing.

Funniest scene?
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best - pauli. kind of playing himself really though.

worst - carmela, absolute cunt. her shoegazing in the last few seasons was cringeworthy.

What does the expression, "shoegazing" mean? I've heard it a couple of times before and I don't understand the reference.
Agree however I cannot stand that lisping buggeyed actress in anything.

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