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Always be wary of people touting magic solutions to tackle climate change :

Shell’s massive carbon capture facility in Canada emits far more than it captures, study says.​

Surprise, surprise people with opposing ideologies fail to agree. The fossil fuel industry has to go away. However CCUS has the potential to play a big role and anything learned from this first effort is useful. A complete halt on fossil fuels is not going to happen soon, so we need a way to deal with the resulting emissions.


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Facepalm, m8. Don't pollute An Fíor Teanga with the Queen's V's and K's. People have been disappeared in Gaeltachtaí for less.
It's Laoi Ó bhFaracharr.

Translates to 'Leo of the Far Away Car'. His cave ancestors used to pretend they had a horse drawn carriage but neighbours never saw it.
The family used to be pretend it was parked a few hills away. Like the way he pretends a decent health service is just over the next hill.


You're bang on about the far away car bit :LOL: but are you sure about Laoi being the correct translation for the name Leo? Reason I ask is someone I knew called Leo was always called Leon (I'm fairly sure that was the spelling) as Gaeilge.

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