Argos Retreats from Ireland

Argos is set to close all of its stores in Ireland.

The UK retailer has more than 30 stores in Ireland and plans to close all of them by the summer.

Some stores will shut in March as their leases come to an end, with the remainder to close their doors by June 24th.

It is believed around 400 workers will be impacted by the news.

In a statement, the Mandate Trade Union said it is disappointed at the decision and will work with the company to get the best deal for staff.

Hopefully post Brexit we'll see a mass exodus of these operations with their "ROI" bullshit.
Imagine an online shop based on a local area network. You go into a shop, then you use their computer, then they go into the warehouse and get it for you.

Like, what's the point in that?
Failing British retailer to your collection point, please.


Any chance you could collect Wetherspoons and the Oirish Daily Mail on your way out?

And don't forget, your receipt is your guarantee.
I think it's good they're gone

They were only priming young 13 year olds buying presents for their "girlfriends" for a life of running between the pub and the betting shop

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