Arab/Israeli conflict between Syria, Palestine & Israel


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Just watching clips of terrible scenes in Gaza, it is heartbreaking to see. And just read a quote from Liz Truss and what she said is she condemns the terrorists for the killing on both sides no Miss Truss the Israel's are using disporpotionate fire against the Palestinians like how your gvt accuse the Syrian gvt of hitting civilian targets, it is the very same but you won't condemn Israel because you let them get off.
Is there rules on the amount of force a country should use to defend themselves against terrorists?

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According to Thready the Ukrainians are being heroic in standing up to the Russians for occupying their land but when it comes to the Palestinians they must roll over and allow Israel do what they want.

Don't forget this didn't just happen yesterday or the day before that, Israel has been illegally occupying Palestinian land for decades and the West simple looks the other way, wouldn't be the case if it was Iran.


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Serious question, what do you think the Palestinians should do to try to become a viable country or should they just give up on it?
No fan of the Israelis but they put everything to one side when it comes to the national interest, they have just as many internal strifes as any other nation but its put on the back burner during a crisis.

Problem is that the Muslims whatever Region they are from end up fighting among themselves before they take on their enemy. If the Palestinians had one unified voice to speak from instead of one coming from Gaza and another out of the West Bank then they might get somewhere.

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