any names of chihuahua breeders cork?

Dog died, 6 & a half weeks ago... Im trying to ready myself for the next steps for a replacement dog, not quite ready but with nov dec looming the timing is a bollix I did seek out names through the ikc and was directed to a marie thorpe for chihuahua club, that wasnt quite what I was expecting; told there were none in cork and I could be put on a list.. It was all a bit vague as in my head I would like to see photos first well in advance(of visiting) of any parents(by the way looking for long coats pretty much any colour but saying that not fully decided is same dog the right move yet) WIth a google I thought id get loads of results.... but just kept coming across which seems dodge. On that site i saw a few I like but up the country nothing for cork prices seems oftly low and i say its hit or miss what you get. I was suprised filtering to cork area no chihuahuas ATM... In my head it might well be the exact same breed as my last, I go for, as I know what to expect to some degree. I would love another full two months to sort myself, but I might need to sort end of oct as november december would be the worst months for new dog.... Just wondering now, how to go about getting contacts for chihuahua breeders that are reputable for when the times right He was 16& a half so times have changed alot from when my mum bought him
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