A real oddball Request

Hi there,
Re: Music production
About 2009, 2008
There were some Music Production tips on this site...from a a reasonably famous producer...
I think it was a House Producer...Mike Milk or Steven Sugar...
Does anybody have them? I printed them off but lost it...moving house..[
The ideas, were for eg...
Keep the Pads wide..
White Noise helps in kicks...
Beg borrow or steal the best microphones for vocals...
Side chain loops...

And alot more _

anybody got??


Handy Run

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Hi Joe,
Music production has prob moved on a lot since then. Moby got the home recording seriously kicking off only as recently as around 2000. Your reference point is less than half time between then and now.
YouTube tutorials can be fantastic if you get a good one. That's where I'd look first

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