2023 Premier SHC

Charleville vs St. Finbarrs - Barrs
Sars vs Blackrock - Close game, I'd say draw but it's result on the day. Sars to shade it
Imokilly vs Douglas - Imokilly
Glen Rovers vs Kanturk - Kanturk
Charleville vs St. Finbarrs - Barrs not impressive so far but might be timing their run against a limited Charleville side
Sars vs Blackrock - A few weeks ago I would saw Rockies all day but momentum has swung and Sars have a good bench, I'll go with the them
Imokilly vs Douglas - Imokilly have more scoring power I feel.
Glen Rovers vs Kanturk - Glen- Kanturk looked tired yesterday in the football, has to be one last kick in the Glen
I Expect a performance of the ages from Charleville to overturn a " A soft Core" in the Barrs team
Rockies will relish this now and turn this game into a Slug Fest, win here for them.
Now we arrive at the Perennial underachievers Douglas with 2 Inter County Hurlers up Front , many believe should be starting on the Cork team ( i beg to differ) . Imokilly will win this , then questions need to asked .
Kanturk to over turn the Glen here. There is no kick in the Glen.

Thank you.
The way you describe it you'd swear it was intentional, it was a hit and hope shot that looked sensational. Joe Canning scored many a sensational goal and Brian Corcoran's drop shot had more skill than any seen in the past. Talk of skill in the past being better than than today just doesn't stack up. Rose tinted glasses.

What about JBM's doubler goal?
John Fitzgibbon's ground shot goal in the 1990 All Ireland as he was running away from goal - the likes of those will never be seen again imho
The White Horse Guitar Club
The White Horse, Ballincollig

17th Dec 2023 @ 8:00 pm
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John Blek (Extra Show Added)

Coughlan's, Tomorrow @ 7pm

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