2022 Premier Senior Hurling


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Barrs should be further ahead with that wind, the look more clinical in possession than us. Cunningham is some player
You might find playing into the wind might suit us better, goals will be crucial, ye got yers to keep ye right in it. Legs and fitness could play a part with 10 minutes to go. The conditions are horrendous and both sides are serving up a fine gane
Cunningham going well.

Stonewall penalty denied to Rockies.

Rockies too wasteful in possession in the final third, playing the final pass to often when it’s not on.

Both teams working as hard as any other team in a county final over the years. Don’t come at me about a unique level of physicality and intensity
I’ve had browser issues with Chrome in the past with it, use Firefox for streaming on the Examiner now and no bother, not sure if there’s much of a reason for it, but it’s genuinely been flawless since I started that way.

Driven Snow
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

17th Feb 2023 @ 7:30 pm
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Other Worlds: Harry Clarke Watercolours

Crawford Art Gallery, Tomorrow @ 10am

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