2022 Premier Junior Hurling


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seems highly possible that Catherines and Dripsey will be in relegation final which Catherines will fancy their chances? However Dripsey have been around at this level for quite some time so experience/doggedness will count for something.

Kilbrittain seem favourites to finish as automatic semi finalists with max points and high scoring difference.
Milford likely to finish runner up in that group?

If Ballygiblin win their group they should also be automatic semifinal due to high scoring difference too.
Are Colin English and Darragh Flynn both back in action? If they're not playing then Argideen should have a good crack off them in last game to decide group winners.

Tracton V Russel Rovers to decide winner of their group but both heading for quarters anyway you'd imagine as the even nature of their group leaves no room for building up a high scoring difference.
Colin English played on Saturday. Flynn still out.


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Ballygiblin and Kilbrittain through to the semi finals. Russell Rovers, Argideen Rangers Tracton and Milford in the quarter finals. Barrs and Dripsey in the relegation final
Ballygarvan and St Catherines out at group stage, don't think many would have predicted that, Kilbrittan, Ballygiblin and Russell Rovers look likely group winners at this stage with Kilbrittan probably taking top seed and 1st semi final spot - the second one is less clear cut with 2 teams in each of the other two groups on 4pts
cant believe Catherines have that bluffer Denis Ring training them
A fairly uneventful night in Glorified Junior A Hurling

Some of divisions are an absolute farce. I wouldn't blame any club wanting to keep their first or second team away from them.

City division for example ran a backdoor for the first time in 3 years...only for some teams championship season to last less than a week. Shambles.


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A fairly uneventful night in Glorified Junior A Hurling

Would ye all just fuck right off, as a Ballygiblin man, we've earned the right to play at a higher grade, been absolute battles against Ballygarvan and Argideen. Bigger tests to come and nothing won yet. If anyone should be shunned back to Junior A it should be the Bars and the Glen. Might improve the City division!

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