2021 County Senior Football Championship


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Sherlock had Covid and only finished isolation the day before the county final. He looked exhausted and couldn’t be blamed for that. Stacks probably had one of the top full backs in the country marking him last weekend but still pulled off a few scores from play when needed it most. He may not be a guaranteed starter or saviour to the cork team but he absolutely deserves a chance to prove it.
Regardless, he’s an incredible club player and has given more to the Barr’s than anyone could have asked for. A minor county, U-21 county, 2 Senior Counties, a Munster medal, they’re no small feats.
Anyone who plays should always aspire to make it to the next level, but I wonder if the next level for him is Cork. I’ve seen too many players try to break into cork panels and teams only to suffer. Billy Hennessy gave the last 4 years to try and make it on to the Cork team in hurling and suffered at club level as a result. He could have won another football medal


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best of luck to the Barrs tomorrow we are up against it but victory is possible if we play to our best form and dont go to sleep for 15 mins.
I’m a wreck all day, huge game for us tomorrow, semis are not for losing

You’re dead right, we will need to play for 60 minutes tomorrow, bring it on!

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What ive seen of Sherlock last couple of games is he doesnt get a good supply of fast decent ball. So i think its very unfair criticism on sherlock when hes living off slow ball coming in . Any forward would struggle. Hence why i think the barrs full forward havent been motoring to their ability. Myers Murray struggles and Mckrickard struggles as well in this game the Barrs play imo.Best of luck to the Barrs too, no doubt they will fly the Cork flag with pride.

Coughlan's, Douglas St.

8th Jul 2022 @ 7:30 pm
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