2021 County Senior Football Championship

Just saw that in the southern star. Huge loss no doubt, particularly given his free-taking accuracy. Wouldn’t write Clon off if they can find another free taker, their strength was their running game, O’Se wasn’t a massive threat from open play.

Reading Haulie O’Sullivans column…club league game are starting early February…I genuinely can’t believe that, makes absolutely no sense dragging club players back training in January as usual when the club championship wouldn’t kick off until 6 months later.

I credited Kevin O’Donovan with more sense, players must be sickened.
After Christmas is the best time to go back to serious training and then Feb./March is when leagues should start.
There is zero appetite amongst the vast majority of players to train in January/February and play league games in bad conditions particularly when the championship is so far away.

Aside from the players concerns, Sullivan raised the financial aspect of this prolonged season, majority of clubs are paying coaches and other expenses (floodlights, etc.). A slightly truncated club season is far more manageable financially.

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