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If RTE wants to save move the 1st thing it should do is get rid of this station. First of all their target audience is the under 30's the magority of them dont even own a tv licence,They to nothing to promote irish artists/bands etc unless they already have had success abroad,90%+ of the music? played is from outside the country,While country music might not be big in the cities it is hugh in the country you will never hear the likes N Carter C Hagen etc played or local act. like Emma Langford John Blek Wyvern Lingo etc
So i say get rid of it as it is a waste of tax payers money and does nothing to promote the irish music industry.


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Awful radio station, its Cork rivals Redfm and 96fm are as bad though when it comes to music.

At least its Cork rivals as you put them, have plenty of local news, local service, and local advertising content and aren't a drain on the money paid over in the TV License fee.
Wait wait wait are you calling for more Nathan Carter? Seriously?

2FM is dire but then its needed to keep Eoghan Macdermott, Doireann Garrihy and Lottie (Loshee) Ryan in the lifestyles they've become accustomed to.
Is there a need for it as it plays the same shit as today fm, Red FM Etc....if you flick through the stations, its the same 10 songs they play with inane "banter" from dj's who are pushing 40, with a wannabe american accent who dresses like they were kicked through river island

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