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    A thread in biblical verse

    John 21:12 "Come and have breakfast."
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    Irish accents real and mockya

    What's your favourite Irish accent, besides Cork. Just listening to an interview with Dolores Keane there. Thick broad Galway accent is great, not prentending to be anything else. It's when you hear a properly broad accent you realise how just how many clipped mockya accents there are. Bleh...
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    Have you had many relationship breakups?

    My longest has been about four years. Otherwise about a year. I think breaking up gets harder not easier.
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    Who'll fill Enda's shoes?

    He's getting our hopes up saying he'll to step down after next election. Who'll replace him as leader of FG?
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    Nordic Dramas and films on TG4 & RTÉ

    I've noticed a few recently, not bad either.
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    Mario Rosenstock show

    ... poor enough
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    Bojack Horseman: Any good? Anyone seen it?
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    Caption Competition

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    Cheesiest Bond Movie? Post your clips

    Spy who loved me _kyQauA2udc
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    If individual PROCers had theme tunes

    What would they be?
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    Can you tell someone's hobbies by looking at them?

    Front right - taxidermist
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    Reality TV Ideas?

    Clubland reality bites... Gobshites in a club now buying whips and dildos for their edgy club display and wait... there's going to be something about a the day to day workings of a hotel in Killarney Then we've the Brennans going around to dingy kips Big Brother celebrity whores on the other...
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    The Chinese and their buying up everything

    Great bunch of lads, but is it time to get worried yet?
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    Damo & Ivor

    Jesus Fucking God - shocking awful shit
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    Dr. Steinhauen & Mr. Wilkins

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    'A Nation blessed with the "travel gene'''

    dpSdvQ_R11A 'A nation blessed with the travel gene, we've been doing it for centuries' West Indies, Botany bay, coffin ships, kilburn. We really have been blessed with centuries of travel!
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    In cities and their suburbs. Anywhere else is just talk.
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    Would you be left wing or right wing, why?

    I'm reading 'liberal fascism' and it's giving me food for thought. not sure how much I agree or disagree yet, but expecting a good read. The idea is that liberalism and fascism share common roots in progressivism. Never knew Mussolini was the darling of liberals