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    Diffney quizz

    Anyone doing it?
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    X Factor 2013

    Come on now. Surely some of ye are watching it at this stage! It's bootcamp now like!
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    best birthday present ever.

    What's the best present ye got? I'm not in any way sussing out for ideas...
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    Improv Panto

    Go check it out. It's on in the half moon. Funny stuff.
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    Anyone watching it?
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    Suimh Idirlion nua do t-leine atá cliste agus as gaeilge. Chonaic mé é níos luath
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    If you could give yourself a different username here what would it be? I regret the langoff one purely cause everyone thinks I'm a guy. I should have picked something femaleish like langylady!
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    Glow in the dark stars.

    Looking for them everywhere for my niece. Can't find them around town. Anyone know where I might find them?
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    Ray Foley

    How many of ye listen to his show? I'd listen to it regularly enough. Question about it though. Every now and then he plays a clip from some woman complaining and saying she's going to report his show. I know the clip is from ages back but wondering if anyone knows what the story is with it. Was...
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    Bye bye Simon and Cheryl!

    20/02/2011 - 11:20:16 Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole have reportedly quit the UK 'X Factor'. The pair - who are joined on the ITV1 show's judging panel by Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue - have decided to leave their roles to concentrate on the launch of the US version of the talent competition...
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    Bob Gelof

    On Late Late now. He's really not a very good singer.
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    Two more Matrix sequels planned!

    Overkill I feel, though it may answer a lot!! Plans for two more 'Matrix' sequels revealed Monday, January 24, 2011 - 05:31 PM Keanu Reeves has revealed plans are underway for two more sequels to 'The Matrix'. The actor – who appears as computer programmer Neo in the first three movies of...
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    An Triail.

    Ar dhein sibh é sin don Árd Teist.
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    Vanilla Ice on Dancing on Ice

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    Fecking snow again.

    Feck off snow.
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    Diffney Quiz

    I'm already stuck. Anyone else?
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    Happy Thanksgiving.

    To any US proccers. Have a good one.
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    Diffney Quizz in Holly Bough

    I'm slowly working my way through it. Finding a few tough ones though. Anyone else?
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    Just for Maggie....

    Seeing as you never heard of them. :lol:
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    X-Factor 2009

    Not too sure about the live audience auditions.