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    Handy Sanide loikeeeee

    If this is a repost, suck on it: I0m7F7YFsgE gTzeQYyEjfE
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    Some weird Facebook xml file i stumbled upon. Happened upon this by typing a name into google. It has a list of peoples names in it. Is it me or isnt that that very secure?
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    The Italian Job

    Why is Michael Caine wearing lipstick and eyeliner? FFS, some "classic" this is!
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    Song Indentification Software

    After only finding out about Shazam lately, which is an app to used to indentify tracks using your smarthphone, i went looking for an app that would do the same on Windows. Found a free one called Tunatic: Just tested it with a few tracks on youtube and it...
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    Who's the Better Proccer, Nicewanbiy or Nicewanburd

    Tis an interesting one like I think i'd have to with Nicewanbiy as it was the classic era for the man we love.
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    Jesus Christ.

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    Stillborn Baby Revived Back to Life by "Freezing"

    Stillborn Baby Revived Back to Life by "Freezing" Amazing what medical knowledge can do in this age.
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    No, not Juan Atkins this time, this Australian experimental Rock band i've just discovered via the tube: QiHEtargRXQ Its that distorted osc sync bassline that kicks in round the 2 min mark, combined with the degraded analog sound of old video tape, that does it for me! Album Version below...
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    Gas Leak In Blackpool Shopping Centre

    What the title said, the area is sealed off by Gardaí, impassible. Unless you're Mad Max of course.
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    96FM Best Of The Wind-ups Volume 1-6 Complete

    After ripping a few tapes to mp3, i found the complete collection online posted by a guy on Enjoy
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    Possible Severe Bullshit Alert! Ye read it here first! (Well thanks to sunner's fail link like)
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    FAO: Maggie 00

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    Triumph Of the Nerds

    Fairly must-see documentary on the rise of the Personal Computer from 1996. Its basically the story of how Apple and Microsoft came to be, and is extremely informative with plenty of interviews from Gates, Jobs, and Woz. If you watched Pirates of Silicon Valley, and craved more fact this is...
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    NTFS Undelete FTW! I deleted a folder before by accident before I moved the files to another, and was looking for a simple and fast file recovery app. Ran that, selected my drive, and "Lost Files and Folders" was listed. Just click the folders deleted there til ye see the name of the...
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    FAO: Nicewanbird

    3 Military choppers circling overhead right now. Sweet.
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    Anything happening in Mayfield/Glanmire direction?

    Sirens have been wailing constantly in the last hour. My ears perceive them as coming from that direction anyway.
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    Launching Utorrent + Peer Block in a double click

    Peer Block is a must have if you download torrents imo. Peer Guardian is another but it was discontinued, i think there might be a continuation of it out there, but peer block is what i use. It essentially blocks any IP addresses (the number of a computer) on its blacklist, which would be on...
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    One of the best sites for portable applications. Theres everything there from Games to Photoshop to Fruityloops and even Ableton. They also have bootable apps/cds that are fierce handy. This is the official blog of this particular cracking group, so all links should be virus free, i havent had one false...
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    Manilla hostage situation

    Eh, anyone watching that on sky news like? An ex cop took a bus of chinese tourists hostage, in Manilla, the Philipines. Since he has been killed, and 4 hostages have came off the bus alive, but also some dead bodies. Im not sure of the kill count yet, there was either 11 or 15 hostages on...