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    All Ireland 2010 - UK TV

    Does anyone know if this years All Ireland Championship will be shown on telly over here in the UK? I know it was on some information channel thing on Sky last year but will that be the case this year? Cheers
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    Fair play to the girls

    Think they deserve a mention after their win yesterday - fair play girls ye did Cork proud!!
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    Song for Saturday

    This will properly send the SFI into overdrive but fuck em, enjoy. C'mon Munster!!
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    Good Luck Deccie

    Been confirmed he is the new Ireland coach. Best of luck to him - he deserves it!! Declan Kidney has been confirmed as the new Ireland Coach © The 48 year old current Munster coach has been invited to sign a contract that will see him lead Ireland up to and including Rugby...
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    New Version of Melodyne

    Saw this on the SOS website, pretty cool stuff, have a look....
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    Heineken Cup final tickets

    Cardiff 2008 Ticket Update The public allocation of 50,000 tickets for the Cardiff 2008 final is now sold out. Tickets for the Cardiff 2008 Heineken Cup final, at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday, 24 May 2008, went on public sale in June 2007 through Ticketmaster and the “club cashback”...
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    The Problem with Irish Soccer??

    John FUCKING Delaney. When he is no longer in charge the Irish will stand a chance, Staunton was the wrong guy to get the job granted but if any Irish man man looking to get into management was offered their countries top position they wouldn't turn it down. DELANEY IS A CUNT!! Irish soccer is...
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    Foo Fighter The Pretender

    New single found it here, pretty fucking cool!!
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    Come on Wales

    Should have won the game but at least now we're back in the running for the European Championship!! Come on Ireland!!
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    Tonights Irish game

    Is it only TV3 that it's on? Can't believe I'm gona miss another game cause I'm living abroad fucking shit!!
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    Irelands chances on Wed night

    Now I didn't get to see the game yesterday and from what I gather I was spared a huge amount of heart ache, but I reckon now that we got dicked yesterday the players will raise their game for wednesday night. It's a pure Irish thing to lose the easy games and win the hard ones. So I'm going to...
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    City Update

    Would anyone be so kind as to keep us exiles up ta date on the game, cheers all... Come on CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Albums Ya Haven't listened in ages that are Class

    Was going through some old CDs the other day and found Slash's Snakepit - Aint life Grand, fuckn class album that is...
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    Try again........

    Anybody use acid pro here heard it can take vox outa a mix, is this true and if so whats the quality like? Cheers.