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    Pubs reopening June 29th

    The pub was known as The Nazi, locally pronounced nazzy for some reason. I dunno if it had a proper name, if it had I never heard it.
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    Springsteen down the Park !

    He's 74. Who's after shiteing in my nappy, oh FFS it was me, nobody told me (I'm 75) :(
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    What are you listening to right now???

    Sing cuccu
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    What are you listening to right now???

    Oh and BTW Sumer is icumen in
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    What are you listening to right now???

    I like this version, all credit to the 4 Tops and Left Banke.
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    The Official Golf Thread

    Rory getting divorced 😔
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    What are you listening to right now???

    'Avin' a few bottles of suds, well actually a passable bageen of cans from Lidl - Modri, a faux Spanish brand actually brewed over the wather AFIK. Anyway, George 😍 BTW, drink sensibly kids.
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    Greetings from Malmo.

    Who did you ride Greedy? All of them l suppose. Fair play.
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    Axe in the Town

    And to kinda bookend this, a man has been charged with the hatchet attack, Nicholas Muckian. Now AFAIK Muckian is a name neither associated with the wider immigrant community, nor indeed our (formally) traveling brethren as I think was hinted at by some contributors to this thread. Muckian is...
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    Axe in the Town

    Yes, El Paso is the correct nomenclature. El Passo is the local driving school that uses a - clever in my opinion - play on words.
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    Official Cycling Thread

    Eddie crashed and lost a good share of time. Pity.
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    Axe in the Town

    Immigrants so, you're an equal opportunity bigot, fair play. Still with the shite about Dundalk. Utopia, did I allude to a vista of Utopian bliss, no I did not. You're a stupid fucker on top of it all, but to misquote a frequent trope here, we knew that - as do you - already. I'm in Oriel...
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    Axe in the Town

    Aren't you the bitter aul racist bollox all the same. I haven't seen any reference to nationality of the people involved in today's incident - maybe you know more than me, yesterday's mentioned Romanians. Your bins wouldn't be collected if it wasn't for our hardworking Romanian workers, in...
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    Axe in the Town

    And we're going to whip Damien Duff's ass tonight in Oriel.
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    Axe in the Town

    Glenwood. Different incident than yesterday's.
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    Axe in the Town

    Just spoke to the missus, she's working in the Lourdes today. She says there's been an axe attack or somesuch in Dundalk, maybe fatality. Emergency Dept. swarming with guards etc. Will await to see when/if it is reported.
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    What are you listening to right now???

    Hozier, Beato-approved - what more do you want!
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    We recycled our stuff previously, went to the recycling centre around once a month. Brought a rake of cans and plastic bottles to Dunnes on the bypass of the Town at the weekend. Two machines: First one rejecting everything, saying they weren't empty, looked like a problem with the weighing...
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    Official Cork City FC/LOI thread!

    2-0 to the Town at half time in Oriel. El Paso playing on the 📢. Could it be any better. The comeback starts here.
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    Thomas Pynchon Question.

    One of my favourites as it happens. RTE did a full reading of it a rake of years ago, runs to about 25 hours in total. Hearing the written word spoken by top class actors renders it much more understandable and enjoyable. I'd say you might find it if you poked around the interwebs. There's a...