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    On The Horn

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    On The Horn

    Bullish F1 supremo Christian Horner is entangled in spicey scandal with a female employee. Reports from his inner circle state he is moving quite Gingerly following recent allegations. He is said to be clutching at straws in vein attempts to accelerate his defence and steer himself away from...
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    Ian Bailey ?

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    VRT on Commercial Van

    Any relevant info. appreciated. I'm looking to import a Crew Cab Van value approx £12,000 stg. 2.2 ltr diesel engine Emissions apprx 154. (Revenue VRT Calculator out of action so can't check that) Sound 👍
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    Being Banned

    I got banned last week for..... well for I dunno what really!! But now my user profile and post count and all that kinda stuff are all over the gaff. Anyone know the story, I'd like to ask admin. but I'm not talikin to em!!