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    Alan Smith

    A solid Cork sports journalist.
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    Zlatan v Barca

    Deserves a thread of its own. Countdown is on. Sports forum epicness awaits!
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    Luton v Millwall 1985 FA Cup Hopefully it'll be a bit more peaceful this weekend.
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    Official Copa Libertadores 2013 thread

    Group stages kicking off this week. Boca v Toluca is live on ESPN at midnight. ESPN have the rights this year. Should be good.
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    FAO meltdown

    Is this still ON, or what? We're getting closer to the end of the season and things are getting exciting!
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    Muhammed Ali

    Fairly ill in hospital apparently.
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    The official afcd v marco thread

    One of us will lose our username. The fate of an Irishman and a Frenchman played out in North London and various football stadia around England. Who'll finish higher in the EPL? Spurs or Arsenal? The tension will be felt from Allihies to Ahakishta, from Nohoval to Newtwopothouse as another...
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    James Rodriguez

    Fine player, hard to see Porto holding onto him unless he wants to stay there to get a bit more experience. Colombia could really do damage in 2014.
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    Emotional scenes on Ashe live on Eurosport. If only he had won Wimbledon that time.
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    The official Wembley FC thread

    No, not the defunct Munster Senior League club. Did anybody catch this crazy shit on ESPN earlier? Ray Parlour, Graeme Le Saux, Martin Keown, Claudio Canniggia and Brian McBride all involved in a playing capacity with El Tel as manager and David Seaman as a Keepers' coach. They were playing...
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    Official UEFA Champions League 2012/13 thread

    They'll be dancing on the streets of Dudelange tonight. Salzburg took one hell of an away goals beating from the Luxembourgers.
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    Leonid Brezhnev, Roman Abramovich, Czar Nick

    Mikael Beryzhnikov, Fyodor Dostoyevski, Rudolf Nureyev, The Singing Grannies, Vladamir Putin, Rasputin... Can you fucking hear me you treasonous cunt Rasputin? Your boys took one hell of a beating. Typical bottle job.
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    Triggs - The Autobiography

    I shit ye not lads, some genius has come up with this. He was on with D'Arcy just there. This book is an absolute essential for sports forumites.
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    Official World Cup 2014 qualifiers thread

    Uruguay just took the lead against Venezuela in Montevideo through a nice finish from Forlan. Uruguay still fielding the same players as two years ago, so looking mighty solid.
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    USA v Brazil live now on ESPN

    Niiccccccce. Day off work tomorrow!
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    What a champ... The goal of a real champion tonight after being robbed of one earlier by the linesman.
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    Those were the days...
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    Jordan Rhodes

    Just the five goals tonight so far. 16 minutes plus injury time to complete the double hat trick.
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    EPL - Final table projections

    Now that the half way stage has been reached, it's a good time to look at points targets. Survival at the bottom won't require a big total compared to other seasons by the looks of things. Targets should probably be set at 33 or 34 points but it's possible that 31 may be enough. Fourth place...