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    They just call it roulette there.
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    I hope you've learned to embrace news outlets in the mean time.
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    Motorists who have a problem with cyclists are the most boring people in the world.
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    How would this council vote? By show of hands? What if somebody hit someone in the face while voting? Hands should be illegal.
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    A king could lead to war, which I'm pretty sure could be potentially dangerous. Kings should be illegal.
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    We're beating around the bush here. Driving should be illegal. So should everything else.
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    Very Top Gear
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    Will Ireland Make a World Cup AGAIN in Your Lifetime?

    Simple question, lads. What do you think?
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    Old turntable or stereo system.

    Anyone have an old turntable of stereo that they're not using anymore? Looking to play the old vinyl I have, but don't want to spend much money. Sound.
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    In honour of this post I tell ya, in the minutes before Barca put seven past them, you could tell that Levante did not fear that Barca side.
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    naw, I'll stay.
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    Farewell PROC

    I must say, it's been a delightful few hours back. But away I go again (on my own)
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    Bye, PROC

    See Ya, PROC. Happy trails and calm down a bit.
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    Ladies, PM me filth. For science.
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    Boring, Boring Boredom.

    It's boring.
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    FAO: Oul'Doll

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    Compulsive LAWYERS

    Amirite, guys? Terrific.
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    RIP James Gandolfini

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    Alternative PROC-Up: Invite Only.

    I'm finalising the details on this. But I'll let ye know in due course.