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    Ballinlough Road

    What bus would serve the Ballinlough Road, the end near Boreenmanna Road?
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    Need digital photo done for J1/US visa

    Where is the best place to go to in the city centre to get this done?
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    Strasbourg Goose

    Anyone know if its open? Thanks
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    getting a thesis print/bound

    Anyone know a most reasonable priced place in town to get this done? Thanks
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    Blast from the past!

    R.I.P old PROC.
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    Airport Business Park

    Can anyone tell me the best way to get there? Does the Aiport bus stop there?
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    Anyone else without water?

    Woke up to no water today. FFS have had enough of this 'cold snap' now. :-x
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    For Sale: Ticket for Villagers Cork gig 15th December

    Selling my ticket for the Savoy gig on 15th December at cost price (€16) PM please!
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    FAO Londoners

    Any good, reasonable hotels in/near Canary Wharf, London? Preferably near Canada Square.. cheers.
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    Backing up old sms messages

    I want to back up all my old messages and contacts on my old Sony Ericsson w200i. Anyone know a good program to do this? I got Myphonexplorer but it won't connect :/
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    We're Back!

    Welcome back guys. *Continues to browse and post less than before* :D
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    rear pc mic jack disabled by default

    Anyone know how to enable it? I'm on windows 7. I checked drivers and they seem to be updated.
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    One Republic gig

    Anyone know what time the main band are on stage tomorrow night, and if there will be alcohol at the bar as over16s are permitted? Have been trying to contact the Savoy about this for ages but surprisingly to no avail.
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    Visual Studio / C#

    Anyone know of any good guides/books out there to refresh one with visual studio/c#? Nice one. :cool:
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    GPS phones

    Just wondering what are the best ones out there (apart from the iphone)? Meteor have their GPS ones on billpay so will be looking at getting an unlocked one preferably.
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    Andes Teletransporter

    Brilliant! rGVnSpYZDRQ
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    Next event you're going to?

    What's the next gig you're going to, or hoping to attend? For me Definite: OneRepublic at Savoy Hopefully: Cathy Davey at The Pavilion, Tegan and Sara at the Olympia Yay for going on workplacement and soon having money again! :D
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    Tegan and Sara - European Dates

    They're playing the Olympia on June 15th :D Any chance of getting them down here, no?
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    Mix Tapes (indie/alt)

    Anyone interested in swapping some indie/alt mix zips around? Something similar to what's going on here
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    You Love Her Coz She's Dead

    Class band Their EP "Inner City Angst" is great. Would love to see them play in Cork!