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    Question re USA visa (holiday)

    Hiya lads I'm travelling to the US in april and am trying to figure out the visa situation. What sort of passport do I need to be valid in the Visa Waiver Program - I've seen contradictory things on the US govt websites saying either just a machine-readable one is valid (which I have) and...
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    HD, HD ready? Please explain!

    Hiya lads As Tucker oft said - Odyssey only posts when she needs help for something, and I do. I'll be buying a new tv soon (old one is on its last's a huge beast of a thing. truly old.) Can someone please explain the difference between HD and HD ready? What should I be looking for...
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    This place has gone to the dogs.. ;) How are ya, fellas? Od
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    hi guys

    hi lads, sorry for my extended absence, been busy busy...much of it with stupid bloody business training courses that bored the crap outta me... but anyways, nuff bout that..i am here to pick your brains..seeing as i have no other resource of that many irish in one place.. i posted a message...
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    ID to?

    Hiya lads... sorry for my absence, and my return only to ask a question, but: is there an ID card for irish citizens? I need to send off me passport to the UK driving licence authority, but i need to travel to ireland during the time it's been sent away.. is there an ID card i can get from...
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    FAO: Maths heads..

    anyone have a definition of bilinear models, that a rather dumb engineer would be able to grasp? long shot like...worth a go..
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    i'm in love with...

    kristin kreuk... i swear like. can't even watch her in smallville these days, i fancy her that much..
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    ere wheres that thread

    with that link to the puzzle where you try to make sure vertices don't cross... cos i can't find it...and i've no idea what the title or anything was, so i'm finding it hard to use the search function for it..
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    UK national insurance numbers?

    ere lads i don't have one of these (none of us students had em...didn't need them), but I need one for the new job. Have any of ya had experience getting these?
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    just got the most perfect job....basically all i wanted in one job... absolutely over the moon moving to manchester in september *starts packin early* ;)
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    help needed: Powerpoint Presentation

    right lads, interview time again, and have to do a presentation on what i've been researching the last few years... thats usually grand, just use any ould template to present work, but this time I want it to look decent so I can have a half decent chance Do any of ya have templates (other than...
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    Interview Questions

    Have a few interviews next week... Just wondering what kinda questions they usually throw at ya... like where do you see yourself in *some number of years* time or what are your positive and negative points... etcetera It's for engineering, particularly process control, both design...
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    just cleaned out me desk

    and all that jazz... just deleted the various illegally downloaded films from my pc.... pinched a load of stationary.. even had my last bit of free food (nicked from the lunch table from a nearby conference room) i'll miss being a student.. NOT! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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    5 days.....

    *puts on rocky music* *dances on spot punching air* 5 days and i am done done done.... no more thesis. wooo what will i do... i haven't had a weekend off in 3 months....or my evenings free... what what was it i used to do with my time...
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    i was studying away merrily.... forgot about dinner. now nowheres open and i've nowt in the house. balls. if only the nearest 24 hour shop wasn't a dangerous 1.30am half mile away
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    to bed finally....

    night all....
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    chrisht above

    two weeks!! two weeks until i finished this asshole of a thesis... but i'm slowly losing the will to live... 210 pages of nonsense written so far... bleurgh i've begun to lose the plot slightly... on a good note though, the missus bought me Oblivion for the xbox 360...which is a magnificent...
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    a long shot....

    anyone a fan of Ben Jonson? i read a poem of his ages ago that was about city waters, and the nasty things floating in it....but can't remember how it goes, or the name, so that's stopping my googling abilities... if it sounds familiar, can anyone remember the name?
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    i just had that truly sickening experience of getting my thesis back from supervisor, covered in red ink.... that ego crushing moment of being told exactly what is wrong with your work...YOWCH...tis winded me on a good note, he reckons it's all fixable by a fortnights time, and one more...
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    cuuuuuuute there was one wee little black kitten on there, nearly made me cry so damn cute...