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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Get Shorty 9/10 Remember seeing this when it first came out. It’s better than I remember. We were spoiled at the time.
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Watched "Anatonmy of a Fall" Acting was good I guess but what a found it a complete bore. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture no less.
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Where is the available to watch. Is it still in the cinema?
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    Referendum on Family & Care

    No/No Very little to go on. I watched the "debate" in the Seanad. Very weak contributions from YES advocates while Michael McDowell, Ronan Mullen & Fintan Warfield made strong arguments. Thomas Byrne debated the YES side on Katie Hannon's show but I was more confused by his arguments than...
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    The Official Golf Thread

    Anthony Kim back from obscurity to join LIV golf. I wouldn't be expecting too much.
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    Religion of peace. Thread 175429

    The smugness & assumed moral superiority of modern society is insufferable. 8,156 abortions carried out in Ireland in 2022.
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    The Long Good Friday.(1980) Excellent London gangster movie. Raw, tense and funny. Bob Hoskins is great in starring role and supporting cast are all very good. Special mention to the supporting cast of gangsters that are full of familiar faces. They all look the part.
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    Holly Cairns Appreciation Thread

    Her seat is far from secure.
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    Immigration Thread

    This is a plantation.
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    "the soccer lads"

    Ok, just back from a long journey from Dublin and just watched the game as it happened live on RTE. What the FUCK is with this preoccupation with the GAA and the "soccer lads". We had a great game but these sly digs characterized by the cringworthy statements from the RTÉ panel showed a sport...