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    so, mary harney

    haircut paid for by FAS. when will this country wake fucking up?
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    thats what got my vote today.
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    just reading the title threads

    over in the emotions/SJP forum makes me glad i'm more of an SF type guy.
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    last night a DJ saved my life

    reading this book at the moment.absolutely brillant history of music, clubs and DJing. if your interested in music culture you should read this book. 10/10 so far.
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    anyone remmeber seeing

    b30gYaDRK2Q these guys in hysteria, back in the day. was an absolutely rocking fucking gig. don't suppose there'd be much call for any promoter to bring them back now sadly.
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    the official "it's all gone pete tong" for the SFI thread

    the official "it's all gone pete tong" for the SFI thread sunderireland staying up. manyoo european champions manyoo premier league champions wrongaldo player of the year wrongaldo golden boot in CL. Stade de limerick in the european cup final. and lamps getting badly rattled by a...
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    the official "what a wonderfull world" thread

    vnRqYMTpXHc :):):)
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    that soulja boy song

    it's a fucking wind up right? a few guys getting together making a piece of music so awfull it makes kylie sound good, just to have a laugh and see how many they can sell. thats what it is, isnt it?
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    nightclubs to close earlier

    this country really is the shits. the latest ploy to reduce alcohol consumption by the gestapo (sorry FF), is to curb nightclub hours. forget the fact that public order offences went down in britain with the introduction of 24 hour licenses, now herr bertie wants us all home in bed before 2 AM...
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    old music that still sounds incredibly fresh

    heard two songs today that are 30 (odd) and 50 years old respectively yet they still had a freshness to them, that shames the macdonalds chart music of today. they were t-rex-children of the revolution chuck berry - johny b good. so, readers, what old music still sounds fresh...
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    Fishermen Beware
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    an interesting question

    will ryan turbidy ever ask one?
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    george hook

    i don't like rugby and i don't get invoved in threads. however i love listening to hook. reminds me of a certain somone...
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    the official betting thread.

    i'll start the ball rolling. west ham are a cracking bet at 3's tonight.
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    technics advice please

    the connection in the red part of the jack is broken. do i need to take the whole deck to a shop to get it repaired (as the lead is inside the deck) or would it be an easy enough job to do if i bought the jack myself? sorry if the terminology is wrong and it's not clear what i mean. yours...
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    ministry of the bleedin obvious thread.

    just heard this on TV3. " RESEARCH HAS SHOWN that kids who exercise are less likely to be obese than kids who don't" NO SHIT SHERLOCK. are there actually people getting paid to come to these conclusions, and if there are, where do i apply?
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    liverpool a disgrace again

    played off the park by little old luton.
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    the PROC sports forum

    like an online pub. where you talk shite all day.
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    I Can't Get No Sleep

    your touch is making me weak......erm, work should be fun tommorrow, er today. i could cry.