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    Official Boxing Thread

    decent battle. i had usyk winning 8 rounds but I'm no expert. fury looked a bit slow and flabby, would take some effort to come back and win the rematch.
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    she's a bit of a looker though, i feel.
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    am i right in saying Ireland were 6th in the jury vote, 6th in the public vote and 6th overall? must be the season of the witch.
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    6 a strong witchy number, much more so than 1-5.
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    baffling to me that this swiss act is so popular. to be fair i did spend the performance wondering if he would fall off spinning disc thing.
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    never really got will forte.
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    audio for BT seemed a bit off for me. didn't really seem to get going til about 1/3 of the way through. underwhelming, will do well to trouble the top 10 I'd guess but these things are impossible to predict.
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    The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

    Liverpool officially out of the title race. The wait goes on.
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    The Official Celtic Thread

    congratulations celtic. rangers you'd think will be stronger next season if they can hold onto the manager.
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    The Sanders Option

    first of all, the so called sanders options is widely misunderstood but i am too long in the tooth to relitigate that battle. they've changed completely how one posts a poll now and i'd awful old man trouble with it last time around. my creativity is stunted, largely by my advancing years but...
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    millennial/gen z to grown up translation

    when they say at work "I need help / I need support" - "I have no intention of doing this. You have to do it for me. I MIGHT pretend to listen to you explaining it but I am not listening at all". "I need a mental health day" - i am as lazy as sin. "I'm actually living with my parents right...
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    Kevin Spacey

    it was embarrassing. he should sue netflix for booting him off house of cards and he should win.
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    Kevin Spacey

    watched a fair bit of this attempted hatchet job on channel 4. absolutely pathetic in my opinion. no marks complaining they didn't make in in Hollywood after fooling around with spacey 20 years ago, as if they didn't know exactly what they were doing. sad really i suppose.
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    The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

    no longer amusing at this point. can't see eth surviving this having previously advocated for another crack next season. to be fair palace are in unbelievable form but that won't be an acceptable excuse.
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    Official Cork City FC/LOI thread!

    caulfield ball doing just fine for Galway. potentially in a title race if they win their game in hand.
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    The Official Athletics Thread

    great performance from Ireland to win their heat, national record I think. sharlene and adeleke smoked them, lot of pressure on sharlene running the final leg but she owned it.
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    The Official Celtic Thread

    nearly there now.
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Tonight's picture was the original "bad lieutenant", the 1992 abel ferrara effort. A flawed picture but well shot with some memorable scenes. Liberal depictions of drug use which may or may not be to your personal taste. Overall enjoyed it but there's a bit of frustration in that it could...
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Somewhat surprisingly perhaps the original wasn't especially well received at the time. Agree on lost city of z, hunman is good in that. A quick look at his filmography tells you the type of movies / roles he is cast in though. Mid table fare at best.