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    I've been planning this for a few weeks. Reb is a great guy and a brilliant poster. Knowledgeable on a whole array of sports. I don't think anyone here could say a bad word about him. A real PROC stalwart for many a year. I would also like to congratulate him on becoming a centurion in the...
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    Ireland's Got Talent

    The only reason I could watch this shit is to focus on Denise van Outen. Lucy Kennedy is alright too. I've no interest in Louis Walsh or Jason Byrne. What a fine thing van Outen is.
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    Be dog wide. You can swallow, snort, or inject fentanyl. :shock:
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    Mena Suvari

    Love her in the 'Loser' film and 'Teenage Dirtbag' song. Also in 'American Beauty'. What's she up to these days? Apart from not calling me. FC3y9llDXuM
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    Jack 'Tenacious Midfield Enforcer' Colback

    Our midfield general. Not going to score or create goals, but what a solid defensive midfielder. Breaks up play with his excellent tough tackling and gives the ball to the more technical attackers. Doesn't give the ball away. He offers great protection to the back-four. Always puts in a shift...
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    Nice looking gingers

    Shania: Florence: Mairead: Jack:
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    Polo Necks?

    I think they're coming back into fashion. I used to have a few polo necks years ago, but none these days. Should I buy a couple? They're handy for the cold winter, IMO. What do you think about them? YaY, nay or gay? I like them. :bday:
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    Kevin Bitzz and his Mo Salad poster

    Does he wank off to it like a safari park chimp?
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    FA Cup 2018/2019

    Searched ''FA Cup'' but found nothing. The 3rd round draw is on at 7:30 on BBC Two. Forest are number 29. I'd love to draw Liverpool. :bday: 1 AFC BOURNEMOUTH 2 ARSENAL 3 ASTON VILLA 4 BIRMINGHAM CITY 5 BLACKBURN ROVERS 6 BOLTON WANDERERS 7 BRENTFORD 8 BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION 9 BRISTOL...
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    Sir Michael Parkinson

    Just watched Parky on D'Arcy last night. What a fantastic guy. The greatest British broadcaster. :bday:
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    Congratulations Chris Gunter

    Chris Gunter has equalled the great Neville Southall's record for the most Welsh caps (92). You don't see this guy pulling out of Wales' squad for internationals, like many others from the home nations these days. The KING did some job on Harry Redknapp pinching him from Spurs for about £2m...
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    What's the best bread for toast?

    Didn't eat toast for ages, but came across Johnston Mooney & O'Brien 'Toastie' bread in the bread bin yesterday morning, and decided to try it. It was quite nice, TBH. I initially had two slices, but went back for two more slices shortly after. :bday:
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    Ireland's Finest Female?

    Grainne Seoige, Claire Byrne, Caroline Morahan, Kathryn Thomas, Sinead Desmond, Lucy Kennedy, Laura Woods, Una Healy, Claudine Keane, Rosanna Davison, Karen Koster, Lorraine Keane, Miriam O'Callaghan, Mary Kennedy, Amanda Brunker, Jenny Dixon, Maura Derrane, Colette Fitzpatrick, Sharon Ni...
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    Newspaper headlines you'd like to be apart of?

    Female Teacher On Sex Act Charge I would have loved many a teacher to take advantage and have sexy time with me as a pupil, TBH. Miss Donovan? :bday:
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    Lewis Grabban - 8 down, 12 to go

    In fairness, he was man of the match last night. Involved in everything.
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    Pundits that are all over telly?

    Jermaine Jenas and Keith Andrews. Every football show I switch on, I see them. :neutral:
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    Classic KING Billy mind games

    Middlesbrough 0 - 2 Forest Playing the we'll lose gag to the hilt. I knew we'd win. :wink: What a result. Up to 5th in the table. Fucking delighted. You Reds! :bday:
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    The Ben Osborn Admiration Thread

    My favourite current Forest player. :bday: At the club since the age of 9. Made his debut 5 years ago aged 19. I love him. He's a great player, who gives 100% commitment and has the heart of a lion. Constant energy, endeavour, and spirit. He can play LB, LM and CM. l1wmOd7937w
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    Big Brother 2018

    Hi, I'm Billy Davies, you may remember me from such threads as 'Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight' and 'Which celebs farts would you like to smell?' I love celebs. Anyway, back on topic. Big Brother. Are you in oder aus? vhefVwPOodk I'm most certainly in. Can't wait for the launch...
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    What the fuck is this shit? I don't get it. :bday: You're watching telly of other people watching telly? :? I've done some research, and they show the fucking programme all over the world. I despair, I really do.