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  1. The Judge

    The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

    No it's not over the top.Not that very long ago we were beating Leinster on a regular basis.Those schools you speak of were always there back then.All of this is on Munster inc and the people who run Munster.Get into the 6 or 7 schools of rugby in Munster and start putting proper structures in...
  2. The Judge

    The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

    Don't forget money,lots of it.They have little overheads and loans unlike Munster,where we have Thomond,they only rent their two venues for games and training.
  3. The Judge

    The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

    This is part of Munsters problem.Not playing the long game and fast tracking foreign players into the team.Very few are here for the long haul and then our young academy players lose interest or become disillusioned and leave.Much the same with management,there has been no continuity with a game...
  4. The Judge

    The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

    Plural,both of them.
  5. The Judge

    The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

    There isn't any part of it untrue and it's the reality of how things have been getting worse over the years....sad really!
  6. The Judge

    The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

    Dress it up whatever way you wish.Munster haven't won anything for 12 years and looking at tonight they're at least another 12 years away from winning honours on a regular basis.That was one shit performance with the team they had out there,along with the experience of seasoned professionals who...
  7. The Judge

    The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

    Leinster would want to go easy on the tackling,they're hurting all the Munster players 🤣🤣🤣
  8. The Judge

    Fav classical sounds?

    Adagio from Spartacus by Aram Khachaturian is one of the all time classics.....a great tune to lay back to and listen on a winter's night in a darkened room,with the fire blazing ;-)
  9. The Judge

    Cheltenham Martyrs...

    Lots of money going on Allaho in the hope of recouping losses from Gallopin Des Champs.....let's see what happens 😮
  10. The Judge

    Jokes thread......

    A blind man walked into a bar......ouch an iron bar!
  11. The Judge

    The Official Munster Rugby Thread™

    30 minutes to go and that fuckin Donacha O Callaghan is doing my head in with his 'ABSOLUTELY' in almost every sentence he speaks 😡😡😡
  12. The Judge

    Its all kicking off up the northside today/tonight

    Hi all,just seen footage of cars and house being smashed and vandalised by a group of people in our community (not settled people)It looks like theres a lot of damage being done and lots of angry people.Anybody hear what's happening?
  13. The Judge

    Deliveries from

    Hi all,just wondering if anybody has ordered from Amazon Germany and if so how was it delivered?Through courier or from Amazon.I have to purchase through Amazon as I cannot get it elsewhere and wondered what's the best/cheapest way nowadays.
  14. The Judge

    IRELAND V NEW ZEALAND 🏉 Score Prediction

    Right all,we know the drill.Predict the score for the upcoming test match.I honestly reckon the Kiwis will hammer us.Especially after a poor performance against Italy and Ireland never put 2 good performances back to back.So my prediction is; IRELAND 18 NEW ZEALAND 41
  15. The Judge

    The Official Irish Rugby Thread

    Nice the see the Leinster ghoys beat Japan.Good of them to throw on a few of the 'has been' Munster lads for another cap.Cannot fault the display and would have to credit them for not allowing Japan to play.They dictated the pace,with good line speed,quick rucks and a solid pack that were well...
  16. The Judge


    I have seen a lot of his footage travelling on Carrs hill towards Carrigaline and I use that road heading to work.Tbf it's a tight enough road anyways but he insists on cycling in the middle all of the time and complains if cars are not wide enough of him whilst overtaking.A bad work of art he...
  17. The Judge

    Most Confusing Day In Norrie Land Today

    Happy Fathers Day!!!Lots of young kids confused today,north of the river.Wondering who they should give the card they made last week in school to.Probably even worse for those that have two same sex female parents.....Mad ;-)
  18. The Judge


    Surely with CCTV in the area,the car and owner could be very easily identified.All you'd need is the car model and the time of the incident.All junctions and most premises along the route would have footage.Even buildings after the incident.
  19. The Judge

    West cork gaa club in trouble

    Just broke earlier on The Examiner,about a West Cork club that are bring investigated by Gardaì because of breaking Covid rules...i believe its a club that wear blue/white hoop jerseys and it rhymes with 'brazen' ;-)
  20. The Judge

    Munster v leinster score prediction

    Right lads,its the biggest domestic game this year and i just wondered what fellas thoughts are?I will go for a Munster win,to see CJ off with a win. Munster 18 Leinster 15