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    Cork Footballers

    He was on Football panel earlier in season and walked away from it said he wasnt enjoying it
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    Cork Footballers

    Bought a Train Ticket in last few mins and no match tickets available on Ticketmaster , Im goosed !
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Cant make it to the Pairc any site out there where I might find a stream of the game not paying for GAAGO ?
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    Official Pitch and Putt Thread

    Where did you play ?
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    Depeche Mode

    Ansolutely gutted seen them around 7 times last was in Amsterdam in 2018 , thats the end of them now .
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    In a strange way I think the bigger game is the 2nd one is V Clare and if Tipp bt W'ford tomorrow thats bad news for us too we need to stay on par with Tipp and Clare for 3rd spot.
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    Fanatsy Euro 2020

    League set up code is 72BKVIC409 . It seems a little less user friendly than Premier League Version but is something to do. Good Luck to all.
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    PROC Irish Times Fantasy Euro 2016 League

    Ive set up a Mini League for anyone that's interested. Pick your team and join the Mini League. League Name - PROC Password - Euro88
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    PROC Premier League - Talksport Predictor

    Ive set up a League for us on the Talksport Predictor Website. Its identical to the one we had for the World Cup. Just predict the scores of every Premier League game as usual a League table will be compiled for us in that particular League. It will last until that last day of the season its...
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    PROC Cork - World Cup 2014 Predictor Competition

    Ive set up a League for anyone who is interested. Its a simple predict the score competition for all games in World Cup and a League Table will be formed based on our correct predictions. Its Talksport Predictor and register your team name and after doing that go to Mini-Leagues and Join a...
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    Fleetwood Mac Tickets For Sale Face Value.

    I have 2 tickets for Fleetwood Mac at The Point Depot on Sat 21st September for sale. Anyone interested send me a message.
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    Buying Online from

    I used buy CD'S and DVD'S now in and again from PLAY.COM cheaper than town and reliable aswell delivery within a wecenteek. They are based in Jersey recently a neighbour got caught to pay the Postman the customs duty on a DVD she bought off them. Is this the latest trick from the government...
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    New York City Hotels Any Recomendations !

    Im thinking of going to New York in Sept with herself can anyone recommend a decent Hotel close to shopping sightseeing etc. Im willing to pay for a decent place as dont want to end up in a wardrobe like room.
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    Frank Murphy's Sucessor.

    The Secretary of the Cork County Board last year announced his intention to retire from his position in the near future. As we can only guess what the salary is as no one seems to know, we can only imagine it is a fairly well paid position seeing all the time it seems to take up particularly...
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    Problems with Ford Fiestas

    I have a 2007 Fiesta left it idle for 48hrs, and this morning it wouldnt start eventually after leaving it for ten mins and after many attempts it started. Why was this is it that the car was cold from being left idle for 48hrs or is it something more serious I know lilttle about cars.
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    Any fans of this group around, I came across the Video for the song Papillion on You Tube the lead singer has a powerful voice I never heard of them before, Papillion is one of the best singles of 2009.
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    Pubs Closing Times On Christmas Eve.

    Anyone know of any Pubs in the City Centre that are staying open until normal Closing time on Christmas Eve.
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    New Cork G.A.A Captains For 2010

    Now that we know who we are facing in next years Championship should we appoint new Captains in Hurling and Football or should we stick with John Gardiner and Graham Canty for 2010. I nominate Tom Kenny and Noel O' Leary.
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    Michael Martin " The Real Taoiseach "

    Am I imagining things or is Michael Martin alot more visual than the Taoiseach Brian Cowen over the last month or two is he Politically Moving himslf in to a position of into being leader of Fianna Fail or even the country in the short future.
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    Tevez or Ronaldo Who was the Sneakiest

    Now that the Tevez is officially not staying who was more sneakier in there future plans. Ronaldo who always dreamt about playing for Real Madrid and made no secret of it publically or Carloz Tevez who claimed he always wanted the Club to sign him permanetly but now after the Club have made him...