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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Half way through it, tis fairly bad alright. Not sure if I'll bother with the rest of it
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    Old Cork Photos

    Yes, they were on the Mall as well
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    Old Cork Photos

    I had insurance with Carol Nash on my bike back in the day, was that the English crowd?
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    Your Favourite Gangster Film

    Have seen a lot of the movies mentioned here and loads of recommendations for ones I have to check out. Thanks For me it's Godfather 1& 2 plus Once upon a time in America.
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    First car

    No, no way..they were so bad
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    First car

    First one I has was a Renault 5. Heap of shit, constantly breaking down
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    Old Cork Photos

    I remember it, opposite the opera house on the corner.
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    The official Cork court report thread.

    Tis what it is, can't change it CF, but I see where Outdoor was coming from. Personally I used it as a "what would the parents do if I did this" to make me stop what ever fuckery I was involved with. Didn't make me a saint cause I was still a kid in Cork. Just got stuck into lesser not criminal...
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    The official Cork court report thread.

    Point taken, just wondered why it nearly always seems to be the problem and if some are more troubled by their past then we were lucky I guess
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    Women going to the pub on their own.

    Barry's if i remember the pub in Douglas once refused me a pint of larger for my sister and she was a regular. Talking early 90s. Barman gave out 2 half glasses and charged for a pint after she complained
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    The official Cork court report thread.

    Why do these fuckwits always get to blame their troubled childhood or a family tragedy As a family we were orphaned as kids but none of us ended up before the courts or had Mr Buttimer bleating on about our troubled life.
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    What Auld Night Clubs / Pubs did you go to

    This'll age me but, Clubs etc Bishopstown GAA...First time hearing music in a "club" setting Jurys no name club...nuff said Dolphin rugby club discos Chandras Cleos (bus from outside the library) Spiders Couldn't be arsed clubbing after that as the music IMHO went south for me Bars Courthouse...
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    cork night Clubs & Bars back in the days

    The Penguin Club down Careys Lane...I think... It was turned into a bar after doing the bottle twirling nonsense that Tom Cruise started
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    Scoil Stiofain Naofa

    I agree...didn't have any issues when I went there (students or teachers)
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    Jean Byrne - Weather Mistress

    Not a chance...all I can hear is that mouth click/smack/pop sound...smack..."and here's the weather'll be cold overnight...smack"....drives me mental. Now that you know you'll hear it too
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    Your favourite Paintings

    Nighthawks by Edward Hopper 1942
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    Vaccination Side Effects with poll (SECOND JAB)**

    Only a sore arm for 24 hours after the booster other symptoms (had Moderna)
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    Anybody here at Meatloaf in Moate in 1990 ?

    I remember him playing Neptune Stadium...cant remember the year but I was taken on to provide security with a load of lads from the Army & FCA at the time
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    Jokes thread......

    Irish Government urging anyone who bought tickets to Garth Brooks for next year should get tested for Covid immediately as they have one of the classic symptoms of the taste
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    Cork in 1902 in Colour

    Strange to see the Union Jack unfurling for the Lord Mayor back then