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    I fucking HATE this stupid BoB forum thingy.

    It's like the Mountjoy for bad proccers. Not enough activity; just like Mountjoy... fuck that!
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    Melbourne church child abuse scandal On the face of it it makes what happened here look like mere tomfoolery
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    why was fup banned?

    reinstate me?
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    Cork is fucking shite!

    The city itself is a dump; I mean its claim to fame is being a former English garrison town! Ate earlier in Luigi Malone's, had their supposed BBQ ribs signature dish and for 19 odd euro I could have bought 6 or 7 in Lidl and possibily tastier. Cork shitty by the pissy Lee is a godforsaken kip...
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    Louis Walsh looks younger

    If his hair was dyed he's pass for a 40 something
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    FUSCO Artisan Bakery

    In Tesco I bought their Banoffee pie, and raspery Roulade and on both counts rather disappointed. At 5.99e think they are overpriced and as comfort treats go not hugely satisfying... bog standard in my view. Think the frozen Roulade & Banoffee from Lidl trumps this lot's!
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    City centre fast becoming a junk food ville

    They need more stuff for vegans, vegetarians and everyone that wants decent veggie options for a change like Tofu, Tempura, sushi etc.
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    Equal Rights for all animals now!

    Was playing fetch the stick with a trio of dogs earlier, when it dawned on me the remarkable intelligence they exhibit. It totally disgusts me how human scum treats them. If someone kicks a dog drag them through the courts on actual bodily harm charges and jail the bastards. And let animals...
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    Are my tenants acting reasonably?

    We agreed on 700e a month rent for a 1 bed apt. But they've deducted 325e from the first months rent for expenses occurred kitting it out i.e. paint and brushes, a new table and new bed/mattress. Now they're looking to recarpet the place and I'm not so sure this is our responsibility. You see I...
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    Tuesday joke

    what do you call a dickhead farmyard pig?
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    Sean Quinn lives on €1056 a month!

    Not a lot me thinks even if he still lives in a seven bed pad... still think the IBRC robbed him!
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    Kid rubbed mud all over my windows and doors

    This was the week before last. Then last week their mum apologised and said she'd powerhose it the weekend gone by which didn't happen. The house looks unsightly as is so what's the best way to light a candle under her arse?
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    Row with a UCC student

    There i was on Friday in the UCC library reading. And got chatting to a student; just exchanged opinions about how the Donegal match would go. I called it like it happened and he didn't like it one bit. He was after asking me where I was from so I goes "Where are you from?" The smart alec...
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    "Paint the town black" Arthur's Day ad

    Strange latino vibe to it from the music to the drumbeat. I'd have expected Irish trad or is that not cool enough for the makers of Guinness?
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    Is Louis Walsh a great Irishman?

    I thinks he's done as much for Irish music as Bono or anyone else
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    A scrotum problem

    Off the bat I'm a beautifully proportioned man... both ladies and gents have said it. My reason for prefacing following issue is I wouldn't want anyone thinking I'm ugly. Whenever my balls are itchy I end up scratching once particular area. It's been going on for years and as a result there's...
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    Mike Perez... some rebel

    Where the heck is he hanging? He last boxed end of 2011 but nothing since. Thought I heard somewhere that he had issues with his visa, and that his management are useless incompetent imbeciles. Time for the excuses to stop! When is he fighting next and against whom?
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    The next great heavyweight to tower over the rest

    Once the Klitschkos retire, forget D Haye, Tyson Fury, David Price, Helenius et al ; I believe Richard Towers is the man to enter the spotlight. Very impressive in his early fights and I truly believe he'll go all the way
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    Our school system needs a rejig!

    Awarding extra points for LC higher Maths I'm all for. We need to make science sexy; and fuck foreign language learning. I learnt a foreign language and it totally fucked up my personality... making me angry and pedantic. And what use was it? Absolutely feckin none! Because the world needs to...
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    The Muslims are right!

    This incident is on the cusp of "let's save the NHS some money" and amounts to forced suicide. Healthcare of the future along with the crappy nursing homes dillemma. Move to Saudi Arabia! Man in UK right-to-life battle Share Story* Comments* 20/08/2012 - 13:08 The family of a Muslim man...