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    Phone calls from Pakistan

    HELP!!!! Why are these caaants ringing me all hours of the night on my mobile?? How do I stop them calling?? How did they get my number? Anyone else experience this and what did you do?? Any help appreciated...
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    Smartphone Apps

    Any good ones out there? Recently purchased a smartphone so looking for any good/uselful apps. I have, i will rephrase that, HAD Viber up to an hour ago but deleted the cunting thing as it constantly says it has crashed and an expert is looking into the problem, blah blah blah, so I deleted it...
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    What are you laughing to right now???

    Please share you fave funny clips.. IR8Um_vZ3oM o7DitJPndr8 7auvTMm47uM NPXaGO8hH5U
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    Fifty Shades of Grey - The Irish Version

    The Irish take on Fifty Shades of Grey: Give it to me, give it to me’, he roared aggressively. Some days Mary hated working at Ulster Bank. He slipped his hand under the red silk.. “You’re so beautiful in that dress.” “Feck off, it was only a euro in Penneys!” Bríd’s knees were sore and her...
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    Happy Valentines Day!!

    Roses are red, violets are blue, Some poems rhyme, But this one doesn't.
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    A film title that best describes PROC folk

    No offence intended.. Lostmeringtopaddypower = Falling Down Ealasaid = Debbie Does Dallas Farukh = American Pie (The infamous webcam scene) Persephone = Desperately Seeking Susan Rutty = Cocoon Sunbabe = Legally Blonde Matlock = A Time to Kill Gozzy = The man who knew too much...
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    100euro Household Charge exempt list

    And my gaf is on it!!! :cool:
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    The New Dictionary Thread

    Ok so today I made up a new word (slow and last day in the office) thanks to a girl in the office that's wearing a tight fitting short dress and she has a fine badonkadonk in it. My new word is..............Drass. Putting it into a sentence, "That's a nice drass you have" Drass meaning nice...
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    Woman pleads guilty to manslaughter of taxi driver

    What a fucking animal! She should get 10 years minimum. A 25-year-old Dublin mother, who has been on trial twice charged with murder, has had her manslaughter plea accepted by the State. Claire Nolan of Sheephill Green, Blanchardstown was arraigned before the Central Criminal Court today...
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    ManFlu - The Truth

    6keUdzwFCHU Wimmin need to stop neglecting their men
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    What's your funeral song??

    The slow dance song thread got me thinking. When i was younger I wanted "Garth Brooks - The Dance" played at my funeral. _7aNWxVy12g What is your funeral song??
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    Groupon - City Deals

    Anyone else subscribed to this and the others like foffit, etc? I am after purchasing loads of cheap deals for chiropractor, massages, golf lessons, etc. Some crazy deals on there! Just bought the latest one; "Caribbean Sands: Seven Nights in Antigua For Two Adults and Up to Two Children for...
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    October Bank Holiday - Cork Jazz Weekend

    Is it just me or has the Cork Jazz weekend not being promoted much? First I heard of it being advertised yesterday on some local radio station. Are people looking forward to it and have plans or has this seen it's demise??
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    Philippe Senderos' slip of the tongue

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    Online House/Dance radio stations

    Life saver Needed.. Anyone have a link to a free podcast station for house/dance music please!!! Found a few but not that great. Best suggestion will be invited to house party! ;)
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    Cork City to ban burkas and hoodies..

    Proper order or out of order?????? COUNCILLORS in Cork city will be urged to support a motion calling on the Justice Minister to ban burkas and give gardaí the power to order youths to remove their hoodies. The controversial motion, which will be debated in City Hall next month, is to be...
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    ISP - Ripplecom

    Anyone else on here have Ripplecom as their ISP?
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    Pretty impressive

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    Lady Gaga can actually sing!

    She/he/it surprised the crap outa me with this performance. She/he/it has a great voice but throws the weirdest facial expressions when singing.. F_GMgkcc2KM
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    B&B's near Inchydoney

    I have a wedding in Inchydoney hotel next week and kinda left it a bit late to book a place and can't seem to find any place with availability near Inch or in Clonakilty. Does anyone know of, or can recommend a B&B that's closeby?? Any help would be much appreciated!! :D