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    bose solo tv system

    Can anyone advise me on this system,is it good,worth 399 euros etc etc,thanks in advance.
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    Millwall utter scum

    Scum of the earth at it again,should never be allowed near wembley again.
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    2013 all-Ireland finals

    sorry Lads,just a bit bored this time of year.So indulge me.who do you think will contest both finals.Giving a little prize two.1st prize.A weekend in Kerry with Mr.Frank. second prize,two weekends in Kerry with Mr.Frank. :) Hurling.Tipperary V Galway. Football .Dublin V Donegal
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    its just wrong

    Wales Manager Chris Coleman is dating my favoutite sky girl,the delightful Charlotte Jackson...Chris is punching above his weight there, Which Sky girl would you take to a Tipp v Cork Munster final.:p
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    Lars book and others.

    So Lads ,any of you going to buy Lars Book?Suppose to be a good,honest read,rips babs a new arsehole by all accounts. Any other good sports books out this year?
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    collins not Che

    Have noticed a few chappies lately sporting tattoos of Che Gueava,which l find somewhat confusing,when we have our own true hero,Collins was in my opinion our greatest ever man.Also t shirts of Che are easily got,so why not the big fella. please discuss,would love to hear your views.Also can...
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    seems to be defunked,anyone know are they gone?Not suprised if they are.used to stick me head in now and again for a look.but it was kk hurling all the way,one big love in.Tureene you know anything?you used to post the odd bit.
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    TIPP or the dubs.

    so Lads just for the craic,who would you rather beat in an ALL-IRELAND final. yere near neighbours or da dubs. now I know all cork peoples would want both,but you can only pick one. And Also which game would you prefer attend.
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    frankie boyle

    the mad frankie is in cork december funny man. your thoughts on sad man please
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    vietnam movies

    any good vietnam movies you good people could recommend please.outside of platoon,full metal jacket,hamburger hill.thanks
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    dirty diesel

    whats the chances 0f it shagging up the engine?would clean diesel not flush it out?
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    Just to wish all you rebels and others all the best for 2012.would settle for tipp winning Liam,and ye can of course have Sam.Great craic in the last year.look forward to more in 12.take care of yourselves folks ;)
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    Racism in the Gaa

    just wondering if any of you have witnessed it at any games? think it will rear its ugly head soon in the gaa with all the new irish growing up and playing at adult levels.can just imagine some of the big ignorant farmers up here abusing people ,nothing against farmers youghly. :p
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    cork fan in estonia,nice one

    just heard a guy from cork by the name of conor cunningham interviewed on the radio,on how he blagged his way into the estonia bench for the first leg in funny looks from their manager,the who the fuck are you type looks,swiped an estonia tracksuit before the refs assistant told him...
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    mobile phone contracts

    Can any of you good people give me some advice re the above.l signed an 18 monthe contract with e mobile last april,but their coverage is terrible,keep getting cut off and losing coverage,it seems to be very poor all over the country,have made several complaints and asked for my contract to be...
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    another great day for kilkenny hurling

    just saw this heading on it sums them up as an gaa county.they really are a miserable form of life. Even Dublin fans were sound about us winning the minor today,alot of people on here were very happy for us,and l would say tipp and cork are bigger rivals than us and those...
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    sunday game panel

    anyone know what happened peter finnerty?was on it for years,and no sign of him this year,found him painful so l dont miss him as for that moore guy also from galway,what a boring man. like cyril tomas and sheedy on match day,henderson seems like a nice guy but only sees kilkenny.Flynn is...
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    sky sports and hd

    thinking of getting it for the winter,but its not cheap,15 for hd a month and 34 for the sport,allied with what l have at the moment my monthly total will be a century.... is it worth it guys?
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    saab 95

    have a nice clean 02 diesel for sale.nct july 2012
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    jean the weather girl

    just been on doing the weather ,christ shes a horny looking bitch,had what looked like a black leather dress,would love to give her some c..k is she the hottest of our weather gals,shes dosent speak with a kerry accent,shes from tarbert,gone all posh now,still l do love her