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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Ah the team was around well before that 😀 Now you've got to head over to Togher Road to get into the club, but back that you just hopped over the stream at the end of the road. Place used be about 75% Barrs / 25% Bishopstown
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    That crowd worked on the redesign of the full bus network. The infrastructure for the 12(?) main routes in the news at the moment was done by a bunch of different contractors. 2 very separate parts to the Bus Connects plan
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    It's segregated from cars. That's all the council cares about (not the quality of the finished lanes). They're building a city of conflict points where cycle lanes end on footpaths sure. Trinity Bridge probably didn't make the cut as it's not linked to any cycle lane. They'll probably add it to...
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    As a starting point you need to learn which bridge is Nano Nagle Bridge