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    Honeymoon next year in South America - looking for 2 weeks in something approaching mainstream comfort and a week reasonably off the beaten track. Cartenga, Colombia for off the beaten track - anyone been? Or indeed, have any insights on Colombia?
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    Alternative Thai Island? ko Samet?

    Have been to thailand 4 or 5 times at this stage and have done all the main spots - samui, phanang, tao, phi phi, phuket, chiang mai, etc. I have a wk there next Jan and want to hit somewhere closer to Bk without having to get on a plane. Anyone been to Samet? Or have an alternative island...
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    50KG Baggage allowance if you're emigrating..

    I've just moved and spend a fortune shipping stuff ahead to NZ. Then I hear that if you prove you're emigrating to an airline that they'll up your allowance to 50kg. anyone ever heard this?
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    Chang Mai

    Lads, I know there's a good few Thailand experts out there, I've been 4-5 times myself. But always to the islands. I have 5 days in Bangkok from next sunday and considering a couple of days up north in chang Mai. Would it be pointless going up for 2 days? Can get a air asia flight for 60 notes.
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    Long shot but has anyone been? I have an opportunity for 2 days in Rangoon in a few weeks and was wondering if it's worth it. Probably wouldn't be willing to stray any further than Rangoon though. Things to do in rangoon? Visa situation? Safe? Cheap? Hotels? Cheers
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    ... and torp airport in particular - is it ridiculously far out? The website says 110k which isn't disimilar to girona in barcelona. Anyone been recently?
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    Worlds worst Tourists...

    .... are the french apparently My own experience says the Israelis are hands down the worst. Any opinions?
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    Munich Accommodation

    Stag party heading for munich on may bank holiday weekend, looking to stay central, marienplatz kinda area. Anyone got suggestions on hotels, serviced apartments, probably looking at budget of €70-€90 a man a night.
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    in finland, anyone been?
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    ....borneo.... anyone been? heading there for a week in november...
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    Ryanair airports

    Easter weekend next march - a likely trip. have a few reasonably attractive destintions on paper. The only likely spoiler is ryanairs proximity from the actual location. Anyone have insights on; Gotenburg, Tampere, bremen, eindhoven, riga, kaunas out of dublin? particularly about the city and...
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    Anyone been? Heading home in nov and lookin at borneo as potential stopover en route. THinking Kuching as a destination. Will likely only have a week.
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    Blank Canvas

    Here's the deal; i'm heading home in late november for good (so one way flight). Intend on spending about 3 weeks seeing somewhere new en route - one final adventure if you will. I'm in NZ. Money is not too much of an issue (within reason). I'm struggling to get flights to South America (which...
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    Bangkok Accomodation

    I know bangkok quite well from past visits but different budget/mindset this time - i.e. i'm going with the girlfriend as opposed to a bunch of horned up alco mates. Any advise on half decent places to stay? Have end of trip accomodation booked in Siam Square so would prefer to split...
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    Champions league draw

    Have had enough of trying to figure out the time difference from athens to NZ - can someone tell me the time of the draw in ireland?
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    Anyone been? advise appreciated. Basically being scouting options for a 2 week break in SEA. Been to thailand already so that's a fall back. Malaysia just doesn't seem to have the nightlife to maintain interest. Bali has just come up as an option.
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    Idea's needed. Heading there for 2 weeks/17 days in July. I'm coming in from NZ, mate is comin in from UK. All we have really is flights to KL. Absolutely no interest in staying in KL given we'll have so little time. What i'm looking for really is a Ko Tao/ Pha Nang type effort. Short commuter...
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    Long shot, but anyone know where i may be able to track down a song called (i think) happiness is mine by Rivelino? Probably about 10-12 years old at this stage.
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    stag destinations outta cork

    Brother is getting married next year and i'm trying to plan this from afar. Anyone got ideas on decent destinations (on the continent or britain) out of cork? really can't be arsed wasting time and effort getting a gang of 20 odd to dublin. Prague is a runner of course, barcelona, berlin...
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    Focussing on long haul here lads - who's been long haul with which airlines and how did they find them? I'm looking at two 36 hour flights before and after xmas with KLM - any input? as in should i pack the valium?