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    Pubs refusing money

    Had a special party in from abroad to see a product. Was there with them all week. Not there tonight as I came home to see the kids so I phoned the establishment some of them were going to visit and offered my credit card. They declined. Straight out they declined. They never even checked the...
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    Did you lads ever been slapped by a woman?

    Poll to follow. Private poll. I've been slapped once. Not ashamed of it. *Not talking domestic abuse....
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    Adults that never held a hurley

    I meet them every day. Never in their lives even held a hurley. What a loss of heritage for both them and their children. The GAA has pumped money in to Dublin with full time coaches; how about pumping hurleys in to counties that haven't seen one for generations? Which is exactly what the...
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    Recommend a dog

    Going to bite the bullet. What breed? What breeder? I need a very kid friendly dog. I have a half acre of ground but sheep close by. I be listening to ye...
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    Cork School Music Censors Painting

    They removed this:
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    No off licence in Galway before 3pm tomorrow

    Should Cork follow suit? Or are we becoming the stereotypes of ourselves and over reacting?
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    Ever suspect you drink was spiked?

    Poll may follow. I suspect it happened once, just once, to me. Speak to the proc.
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    19/2016 Signs Distasteful

    I've seen many of these signs erected in towns and villages and find them distasteful. If those who fought for treating every child of Ireland with equality could see tax payers money being spent on signs while nearly 2000 children are homeless what would they think? One can only imagine. Feel...
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    Irish Welcome For Gangland Killers
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    Valentines Day. A rip off or an excuse for true romance

    Ye be the judge. I aint judging... in fact Im stepping out of the thread and taking my commas with me.....
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    Scuffles between gardaí and anti-Pegida protesters

    How facist have the so called "liberals" become? " Protesters pursued several men they believed to be Pegida members from O'Connell Street down onto North Earl Street before Public Order Unit gardaí stepped in." What would have happened if a lad had been caught by these thugs...
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    The Official Weird Web Site of The Day Thread

    Now to start this off this site has the tag line of "Girls don't poo". ..... seriously!
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    Why are so many whales beaching?

    Is saying the answer is in the photo a far too simplistic answer?
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    Why are Leicester Top of the Premiership?

    Surely the brains of the SFI can explain?
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    Gang rape + gang sex assault in same area/ time Dublin

    Gardai are reporting these happened within the same area just minutes apart by two different gangs. No description of the gangs are given strangely enough.
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    Finger Nails - Wtf

    Few couples around for dinner - well known to each other. Finger nails. Yep. Number 1 complaint among the girls. Get your act together lads. What do the ladies of the proc say to this abomination!
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    Childcare costs

    It's killing me lads the costs of childcare. Ranging from €300 to up to €600 a week during midterms for the pack of 'em. If the economy is recovering then childcare is the plughole that it is going down through. Bear in mind that I need to earn around €500 to pay that €300. Is this our...
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    How to say "Hi" in the 32 Counties of Ireland

    I'll start the ball rolling. Weigh in with your collective wisdom. Cork - "Yawl right boi" Dublin - "Ahh right there bud" Kerry - "Ough Roo" Only 29 more to go..... :lol:
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    Win a Lion.. to shoot it!

    Yep. 100 tickets for sale to hunt and shoot a Lion in a full trophy hunt @ €1,500 each. Or you can name one instead if you're that way inclined. What thinks the collective intelligence of the proc?
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    RIP Lieutenant General William 'Bill' Callaghan

    Lieutenant General William 'Bill' Callaghan was the Force Commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon from February 1981 to May 1986 and the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation from May 1986 to June 1987. He was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal from the Irish...