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    Airline Escorts

    Right, you are on a flight to the U.S . from Dublin . You hate in flight crappie d.v.d's , you don't like books and the hours ahead are going to be like sitting in a hospital waiting room - so, why not hire an escort to bang and join the mile high club ? I wouldn't avail myself of such a...
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    Not a decent melt down in sight

    ffs , not even a dacent argument on here never mind a full blown melt down - is someone putting diazides in the Cork water ? Tis getting mediocre .
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    Murray does over Novak

    Not a mention here - we should all be Happy that our fellow British islander beat Djokovic in the final at Montreal - well done that Celtic Bro ! Some of his passes are the best .
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    kyrgios imho , this moron should be banned from professional tennis for remainder of this season and all of next and then be put on probation with a life ban if he has not...
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    He's gone

    Dr.Zhivago no more
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    The off topic thread

    G'on , here's your chance to go off topic legally .
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    drugs are cool

    for all the pro drugs lobby on here - stay out of prison and keep taking the illegal stuff .
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    The men apart , I would- all of them- Joanna Lumley would be my first choice- crumpet and intelligence Cher- naw- looks like an android .
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    Coveting a person you cannot have .

    Anyone else done it . I fell for a young Nun some years ago . I had to hold myself back from telling her about my feelings . Has anyone coveted a person you should not. e.g. a friend's spouse- a relative ?
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    Not a mention

    Is there not one Proccer watching the second season of the Legacy and Penny Dreadful ? - some quare craic and nutjobs .
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    Luscious lips

    Surely one if the most alluring features of the female form must be the facial lips . Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful- my oh my - what a perfect pair of lips and slight pout- anyone got a fav lip gal or lad ?
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    General advice .

    Add your own gems as you wish. 1.Never eat anything bigger than yourself. 2.Don't move while in motion . 3. Always have good shoes and a good bed- if you are not in your shoes you are in your bed . 4. Never put perfume or after shave on your balls.
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    Chat up lines

    Got any decent ones ? I used to quip , " How would you luke your bacon fried beside mine in the morning ?" Usually went well until a girl told me that her name was Esther Goldman . Two major failures were : " How do you fancy a half share in a bastard ? "...
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    nude drive

    You agree to drive through town in the buff for a dare - only people who can see your bits might be drivers of lorries - you are doing fine and no one has batted an eyelid when your car breaks down in the middle of town at traffic lights and will not start- you have not got your mobile phone or...
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    Have you ever followed through ?

    I remember touching cloth in Corfu town once when a wee fart slipped out - a Maltesers shaped dodie rolled down the back of my leg and I remember that I glanced backward and caught sight of it rolling along the footpath before it fell off the kerb - an old Greek widow with the head to toe...
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    Royal Baby

    Duchess of Cambridge due to drop the kid mid- late April - will the Tories in particular trot out the spin about the wondrous U.K. and the joy of a Royal baby just before the election ? If there is any mileage to be gained from the Duchess sprogging off , you can be sure there will be...
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    On the run What a mess ?
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    Top lad is Eddie
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    Madonna on the Johnathan Woss Show

    Embarrassment or not ? I thought that she came over as a has been bag who should leave show business .
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    Irish rugger legend Moss Keane

    1977- Mossie was on tour with the Lions in N.Z. After a game he was asked , "What did you think of the game Mr.Keane ? " ...... " First half was even , second half was even worse ."