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    Oul Dolly ... What's happening in Oz

    I thought you'd be giving us the inside story from your high-class waitressing job in the Ozzie capital ,with your ear to the inside track of who's doing the Jackie Healy-Rae down under?!? And your fantastic grasp of ... well ... everything ... Keep us posted Dolly ... :p
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    Girls doing better in most subjects ...

    :lol: From a newspaper today ... Sisters should be running the country ... I love it though. We're still "GIRLS" ... Lovely girls ... :roll:
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    Go to the Head of the Class

    (FAO LMRTPP) Brian Cowen is now considered one of the world's top ten leaders by Newsweek. Great article for a great leader ... They even have a portrait of him ... A world leader among us! Imagine that! So proud to be Irish! So much for begrudgery...
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    Would you clasify Cork as ...

    a nice city? I thought it was fairly shabby the last time I was there. Your thoughts on Cork city?
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    Mick - Give it Back

    Reward offered for missing calf ...
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    Moral bankruptcy?

    What do you think? Archdiocese confirms bishops' resignation rejected Personally, the pope must think we're right eijits!
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    MickeY Lyons - An Apology

    Like fuck! :lol: Now go invent me some nice shoes ... :lol:
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    Rear of the Year

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    What did we do to deserve this?

    Brendan O'Connor has said that he is "very excited" about hosting his new Saturday night television show. Another dose on its way! :(
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    Has your Cork accent ever gotten you laid

    :p Somehow I don't think so ... :grin:
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    Three Button Suits

    Someone mentioned it in an earlier thread. They really annoy me. They are for the sartorially challenged! They scream flyboy! Whenever I'm on an interview board and some candidate comes in sporting one, he's already down the list. :evil: Now, what men on here have/wear one? Be honest and tell...
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    Some scum out there!

    I mean really! What kind of lowlife langer would do that? :D As for yer wan, who in their right mind does nudie photos for their fellas? :D
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    Even all-over body tan 'impossible'

    So say the experts ... Well, there go my days of sitting in the back garden in my birthday suit or the beaches in France ... :-? So, how many in here have gone for the overall tan naturally? Be honest
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    Fellas - would you do a Chavette?

    Is one of your wildest fantasies making the beast of two backs with a Chav gurlie? Do those wide earrings, Burberry tops, calf high boots and bra strap bring out the animal in you? Just wondering ... :lol: Might help you decide
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    For Lima2Me

    Saw this, pet, and thought of you :lol!:
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    Cork has a new Senator

    Delighted to see everyone down there is being represented by only the finest! From yesterday's Sindo: Fianna Fail Senator Ivor Callely has been claiming overnight and travel expenses from a property owned by him in west Cork since he was appointed to the Seanad in 2007. He recently returned an...
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    Big Welcome to Cork's New Senator - Ivor Callely

    Big Fáilte to Cork's newest Senator!!! Hope you're learning Corkish Ivor! From yesterday's Sindo: CONTROVERSIAL Fianna Fail Senator Ivor Callely has been claiming overnight and travel expenses from a property owned by him in west Cork since he was appointed to the Seanad in 2007. Documents...
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    Your Future is in Donie's Hands ...

    I welcome the Bill and consider it an honour and privilege that it is printed in my name to present for the consideration and approval of Seanad Éireann. As someone who was a Member of the Seanad in 1988 and 1989, when the last Bill on broadcasting was considered, we have come a long way and...
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    Anyone get to the Roger Waters latest gig in London?

    Any chance he's playing in Cork ... ok we'll do Dublin if it comes to it?
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    iPOD 6 gen - reviews?

    Probably posted before ... but any news/views before I hand over my card details ... better to wait?